Lagg-3 ICM 1/48

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Re: Lagg-3 ICM 1/48

Postby Tex » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:31 pm

This looks great. I also have been bit by the Soviet bug. I was looking at an Eduard Yak. What paints did you use? They look great.

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Re: Lagg-3 ICM 1/48

Postby Kai Lae » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:19 pm

Broadsword wrote:Lovely work Secu. My only criticism is that you've made it look a bit too good - it doesn't fill me with despair the same way sitting in it in BoX does :lol:

Unfortunately, you can't sit in that one. As noted it's most likely a series 4 or 7, which would make it perfect for the time frame that BOM covers. The only ones we have in game now are the series 29, which is a 1942 aircraft. As a side note, in BoS, the S29, S34 and S35 were all used but we only have the S29. S34/35 are the same plane except for armament, and had leading edge slats added. See below:

Series 4: This version had a ShVAK SP-20 20-mm cannon in the nose (introduced on the series 2), and the starboard UBS 12.7-mm (50-calibre) machine gun was removed to lighten the aircraft. The bottom rudder balance was removed. The shape of the metal exhaust shield on each side, which extended past the metal engine panelling to protect the finish from scorching, was also changed, with a pointed rather than rounded aft end, as on the earlier series. The lower rudder balance was deleted early on in the series 4 run, leaving only the top rudder balance. There was also now a small inlet in front of the main inlet on the underside of the nose. The wing root intakes were now rectangular. Although some of this series, perhaps only the early versions, may have had a retractable tail wheel, it appears that most had a fixed tail wheel, although it is unclear whether they were built this way or this was done in the field, although it is probable that the majority were delivered from the factory with the fixed tail wheel. A longer antenna mast was now used as opposed to the relatively small mast used on the series 1, probably for better radio reception. The series 4 also featured the M-105PA engine, which, while it had the same horsepower (1,100 hp at take-off) as the M-105P, featured an improved carburettor, the K-105PB.

Series 29: The single engine exhaust tube on each side, present on all earlier LaGG-3s, was replaced by three exhausts per side, which probably added a small amount of thrust. In addition, the extended metal exhaust shield on each side, which had continued past the metal engine panelling, was now deleted. The engine was changed also; instead of the M-105PA, with 1,100 hp at take-off, the series 29 was equipped with the M-105PF, with 1,210 hp at take-off. Although the high altitude performance suffered, this was of little account as most combat on the Eastern Front took place at low altitudes, often well below 16,400 feet (5,000 m). The first of the new series were delivered from Zavodi 21 and 31 in June 1942. Only a few of the series 29 were produced at Z. 21, as production there shifted to the new La-5 fighter. After this series, LaGG-3 production was limited to Z. 31 in Tbilisi. Some late examples of the series 29 had the larger rectangular radiator intake associated with the series 35, and others the new VISh-105V propeller and bulbous spinner. Some were also fitted with skis that were now retractable, as opposed to the fixed skis fitted to some series 11 aircraft. The tail wheel remained non-retractable on all series 29 aircraft.

Series 34: It appears that this series number was used for the LaGG-3-37, with the NS-37 37-mm cannon installed between the engine cylinders and firing through the nose spinner. The NS-37 was equipped with twenty rounds and had a rate of fire of 250 rpm. This series had the three exhausts per side, the leading edge slats, and apparently a retractable tail wheel as well. In which case, it would have been very similar to the series 35, with the exception of the nose armament (the 37-mm cannon for the series 34 as opposed to the ShVAK 20-mm cannon for the series 35) and the larger rectangular under under fuselage scoop of the series 35.

Series 35: This series reintroduced the retractable tail wheel into large-scale production (as only a relatively small batch of the series 34 were produced), in an effort to better streamline the LaGG-3. Metal leading edge slats, which helped with handling, were also present (these were also present on the LaGG-3-37/ series 34, along with the retractable tail wheel). This necessitated moving the pitot tube from the leading edge of the wing to a position under the wing, a position which all subsequent wartime Lavochkin fighters featured. The propeller spinner was of a more bulbous profile than the series 29, as a new propeller had been fitted, the VISh-105V (‘ VISh’ stood for vint izmenyayemovo shaga, ‘variable pitch propeller’). The under fuselage radiator scoop was larger than in previous series and was now made out of metal, as this was easier to repair than a wooden scoop; on the other hand, it was more likely to be damaged in the event of a wheels-up landing because of its larger size. The wing root intakes were rectangular, as on series 4 aircraft. From this series on the elevators were slightly enlarged, as well as the elevator trim tabs. From August 1942 until the spring of 1943, the series 35 was produced solely by Z. 31, which by the time production had ended on the series 35 was the only zavod manufacturing the LaGG-3.

Source: Moore, Jason. Lavochkin Fighters of the Second World War

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