Hell Let Loose (Squad on the Western Front 1944)

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Re: Hell Let Loose (Squad on the Western Front 1944)

Postby Spectre » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:15 am

Another game(mod) to be on the lookout for is "Post Scriptum" :salute:

It is being developed by the guys from the SQUAD mod "Liberty's Highway" and the guys from "PR/PR:WW2" and it focuses on Market Garden with the British as the playable allied faction! I have been really excited as a lot of the creators come from Project Reality, and just like Squad they are putting a tremendous amount of effort into the project. It isn't aiming to be as grand as Hell Let Loose as their stretch goals aim to incorporate more factions, but this seems like a great alternative if Britain and Canada don't get their stretch goals.

World War 2 shooters are making a comeback! :lux:
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