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Postby Zyk » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:24 pm

wow! 11/9/17, one of my happiest gaming days ever! after a couple years of trying, finally got 'battlefield 1942' to run again, and get on online servers! i spent tens of thousands of hours on that game in the early 2000's (when i first got the game, i once played for 32 hours straight! i know it's old, and graphics not great, compared to today's games, but the gameplay is so awesome, being able to do land, sea, or air! i ran a 'low gravity' server on 'wake island demo' for about 5 years, it ran 24/7. low gravity was just a 'fun' server, where you could jump really high and fly through the air, and vehicles did weird shit. now i have something to play during the week, in between missions! can't wait to get the rust off, and become competitive again! i quickly went on 1 server, and got an air kill right off the bat in a zero!

here's a short clip from my 'low gravity' server made probably 12 years ago....

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