F-15 COOP pilots: mission time discussion

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F-15 COOP pilots: mission time discussion

Postby Redeye » Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:44 pm

Hey there!

I'm trying to continue hosting my MC missions, but we are a busy bunch and several of the active members have training spread around the different days. Please voice in with what day and time you are preoccupied and and join the discussion so that future missions can accomodate most members:)

Tuesdays I have training with 64/band practice- usually the latter- so that day is out.
THe same goes for weekends as I am more often than not unavailable- alternative being well BEFORE our ACG camps- say ex 17:30- 18:30.

Other than that I can USUALLY manage mondays, wednesdays or thursdays.

This will be SEMI REGULAR- as sundays are the only event that I have nailed to my schedule- other gaming activities sometimes need to go due to RL activites and commitments. I'm sure its pretty much the same for you guys.

Unlike the ACG camp- this group does not require attendece- but it goes withour saying that it works best with a certain number of pilots.

Voice in and let us try to find a more or less regular time:)

And oh- by the way if you have spent the last days under a rock:


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Re: F-15 COOP pilots: mission time discussion

Postby Sokka » Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:02 pm

The 111 training night takes place on Thursday 1900 hours onwards and sometimes takes more than an hour, but later that night could work. That might be quite late for some though... Monday is also difficult to accommodate due to other activities. Apart from those restrictions almost all other times would be fine. I have interest in joining all sessions that I can, but will understand if Thursday 1930 is the best time overall.

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Re: F-15 COOP pilots: mission time discussion

Postby Broadsword » Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:11 pm

Mondays from 8pm, Tuesdays from 8pm, Wednesdays if 501 aren't practicing, Thursdays from 6pm, Fridays from 8pm :salute:
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