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Bomber Bomb Aiming School

Postby Meaker » Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:41 pm


Become an RAF Bomb Aimer Here

The bombsight that is used within the Blenheim and the Wellington is the Mk IX Course Setting Bomb Sight or CSBS (see pic below).

Prior to take off you MUST ensure you have set your altimeter to the 'airfield elevation pressure altitude' of your take off point,let's say we're taking off from North Weald,the airfield elevation pressure altitude here is 262ft,so set your altimeter to 262ft.

Link to airfield elevation tables: ... 1#post6342

Once near the target you will also have to input the altitude you are flying at,but minus the target area's elevation altitude,let's say we're bombing Calais-Marck the airfield elevation altitude there is 7ft,so input whatever altitude your at minus the 7ft for the target's elevation altitude.Under 10000ft it doesn't make too much of a difference but if your flying a high altitude bombing run,it can be critical.

You will also have to input the TAS true airspeed into your bombsight,NOT
the IAS or indicated airspeed,there is a major difference here,take example a IAS of 200mph,flying at 16000,this will be closer to 255mph once converted,so this information being input into the bombsight has to be precise or your ordnance will fall foul of your target,below is an easy IAS to TAS conversion table that Ivan K. set up for us.


So from here on in,the speed of the aircraft given in the tutorial below will account for the fact we are using TAS true airspeed.

Ok,to use the bombsight correctly,you will have to be,firstly above 3000 feet,and secondly,to achieve any decent hits on target,have to be flying whilst in the aircraft's Autopilot mode 22 setting(see section on using the Autopilot),this enables you to have the aircraft flying straight and level,which is imperative for accurate bombing.
Course Setting Bombsight Operation.

The Blenheim MKIV is equipped with the Course setting Bomb sight. This is a simple vector sight that provides an aiming reference for bomb release. The Bomb aimer inputs Bomb release HEIGHT and GROUND SPEED and drift. It is important to understand that the Bomb aimer must input Bomb Release HEIGHT not Altitude. Bomb Release Height = Altitude – Target Elevation. In addition the Bomb Aimer must determine the GROUND SPEED and input this to the sight. So the Bomb aimer needs to first determine TAS then apply the wind to determine the ground speed. In Nil wind conditions TAS = GROUND SPEED.

The Sight consists of a vertical post which combines as the Height scale and back sight. The back sight consists of an aperture with the Tgt Height Ref index pin on the right and left sides. A scale on the vertical arm shows the current Height set by the bomb aimer.

The sight also has a horizontal arm with attached Track reference wires. The Horizontal arm also has the foresight which consists of the Ground Speed Ref index pin. The horizontal arm has two ground speed scales. The White scale on the left (not visible with zero drift) has a mph scale. The Red scale on the right is also a Ground Speed scale but in “Minutes to fly 60 miles”. This is easily visible in most situations.

In the graphic below The Release Height is set to 7000ft. The ground Speed is set to 12Min to cover 60 miles i.e. 5 miles per minute or 300mph Ground Speed. To obtain the correct aiming reference the Bomb Aimer moves his Eye line to line up both the Ground Speed ref pin and the Release Height ref pin….i.e. Like with a Rifle he aligns the backsight with the foresight. In the Sim in bombsight view the eyeline is automatically set for you. With these Ref pins aligned the bomb aimers eyeline is now on the correct release angle sight line.

This looks quite complicated but in reality it's very simple.

With these settings the aircraft is then flown so the target passes through either the Left Aiming aperture or the right aiming aperture. (In the sim it needs to be the right aiming aperture)The Bombs are manually released as the target passes through and adjacent to the ref pins.

In Drift situations the Bomb aimer lays of the drift so that ground features are tracking directly parallel to to the horizontal arm and its drift wire reference lines. The aircraft is then flown to ensure the target tracks down the Drift wire guideline to the aiming aperture.

(Information above has been lifted from the Team Fusion Wiki,so it's accurate as can be with the latest patch,with a few additions from me)

**Tip from IvanK at ATAG**

In the Sim you can simply use the digital values of release height and ground speed to set the sight accurately rather than refer to the respective scales.

**Tip from Meaks**

I find I get better results if I have the aircraft flying between 150-170 MPH whilst over the target,any faster and the drop's just not accurate,you can,I should point out,still use the throttle/throttles of your aircraft whilst in the Autopilot mode.You also want to be under 16000 feet too,for an accurate drop.

My Bombsight Adjustment Keys

Increase sight speed MPH = Numpad 7
Decrease sight speed MPH = Numpad 1

Increase sight altitude FEET = Numpad 8
Decrease sight altitude FEET = Numpad 2

Adjust sight left = Numpad 4
Adjust sight right = Numpad 6

Lean into sight = Numpad 9

Next bomb distributor mode = Numpad +
Next bomb distributor mode = Numpad -

High Altitude Bombing Guide ... de_2.0.pdf


RAF Bomb aimer at his position,note the bombsight,it's our Mk IX Course Setting Bomb Sight,he also has the 'tit' in hand,ready to push.


Bomb aimer's position diagram,again shown using the Mk IX Course Setting Bomb Sight.


Diagram of real MkIX CSBS

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