About Us

We are a very laid back bunch of guys, we mix Allied and Axis as friends and our aim is immersion above everything else, right down to our friendly inter-squadron rivalry.

ACG are not hung up on ranks, calling each other ‘Sir’ nor jumping through hoops in order to climb a virtual ladder which has little bearing on real life. Our ranking system is a uniform and only has relevance in providing pilots online with a guide to who should be in charge of any group at any given time, and even then it is pretty laid back. The system is based on what somebody brings to the group and demotion occurs as easily as promotion. Why should a new pilot who has a lot of experience and skill have to start at the bottom? Why should somebody who is always involved or contributing the group sit on a low rank because somebody else signed up earlier?

Are you interested in joining us?

If you've come here to just take a look at our site and forums then you are welcome, you will find that you don't even need to register to post in the Reception forums so go ahead, please do, you are welcome to join in the conversations. For the other forums just register and join in the chat.

This is the blunt and truthful bit. To become an ACG pilot you must join in our Teamspeak and fly with us, the address is but more info here if you need it.

We do not care for flying experience a jot, what matters is that you make a commitment for the longer term and in the right spirit. As a member your attendance is recorded by your attendance in the weekly campaign combined with the after action flight report written into the forums (just flying the campaign does not count). This is not a big flying commitment at all and the rest of your time is up to you however ideally you should be the type who flies 2 or 3 times a week and when you do so you join our Teamspeak channel.

We would also like you to keep abreast of what is going on in ACG so a regular forum visit and furnishing us with an email address which you actually use is important. Finally, out of respect, should you wish to leave then notify your ACG commander or make a posting in the forums - we really do not want you if you are going to just disappear after a month of regular activity, seriously, if you can't commit then ACG is not for you

Join us if you are

  • interested in immersing yourself in the history of flight combat ('being there') and not so interested in 'winning'
  • want to fly in a large group of like-minded people on historical missions
  • are a relaxed and helpful person with a good sense of humour
  • going to be around to fly with us. No large unannounced on/off breaks or going AWOL.

Your commitment to ACG

  • Make every effort to be a regular pilot for our Sunday campaign, @1900GMT (most Sundays)
  • Write your flight report within 1 week of that flight
  • Join Teamspeak when you fly
  • Notify command via PM/Forum/email if you decide to leave us, or for any extended period of absence

If you wish to know more then of course ask in the forums, or better still, come and give us a try - remember, there is no standard to reach to join ACG, we will help you into the sky with us.

Joining ACG as a full member

You cannot just decide to join by changing your ID, you must be approved by at least the Squadron Leader or Staffelkapitan of the relevant unit. This is simple, just ask to join and they will advise accordingly but normally you will have been asked about your commitment to ACG first!

You must be registered and furnish the founder, 495-2_Dickie, with an email address which you use. By default this will be taken from your forum registration. You will need to edit your Steam ID and Teamspeak ID, and add 495-2_Dickie and your unit leader as Steam friends, in the case of the Luftwaffe you must also add 7./StG1_Pitti. You will have also been offered an aircraft tail number from those available for your unit and there is a skin available for you, please ask your commander.

New members may request ACG signatures from the forum thread. Personal noseart is permitted on your aircraft but it must be approved by your Squadron Leader or Staffelkapitan before you use it in campaign. To be acceptable it must look like it is from the period, so nothing modern. You must not change your skin in other ways, for example adding kill marks, because each change to a skin causes a new download to occur for all players.

About what we do in video

No.32_Dave gives a pilots eye viewpoint of being an ACG pilot in this video

Looking deeper, 7./StG1_Thaine has compiled this epic documentary-drama of a FULL mission. This cinema starts at the very beginning of an ACG Campaign evening showing both factions in action, the briefing, our Sector Control system, the orders via our historically based command systems, the build up and it culminates by drilling down into a part of the dogfight action as it unfolded for the pilots involved. Filmed from the participants eye view this really gives the vision of ACG in action, unscripted, as pilots filled with anticipation and their fear of the mission ahead fought for their virtual lives. It's 1hr 21m long, get yourself a drink and put your feet up, watch in stages if you don't have the time, but please do watch it all!

How we track our campaign progress

495-2_Bonkin explains the details of our campaign diary database touched upon in the previous video


The only formality is the mask for your callsign which is Squadron_Callsign, for example '495-2_Dickie'. We do not allow numbers, unpronounceable words or special characters and recommend one or two syllables. If somebody else already has your aircraft number or callsign it's first come first served. Aside this 'uniform' the rest is all about enjoying yourself.

Our ranking system explained

All new pilots come in at the lowest grade (Sergeant in the RAF, Serzhant in the VVS and Gefreiter in the Luftwaffe) and all ranks are decided and approved by the commanding officer of the unit. This could be by recommendation from lower ranking pilots but will usually results from a commander observation over time. They will stay at the lowest grade until they show that they are active with the group and all this involves is getting involved and being a regular pilot. They do not have to be online all the time but always come into Teamspeak when flying to join up with squadron pals, weekly would be fine. Only if the pilot is clearly advanced then he may be directly promoted to Officer rank and avoid all of the NCO ranks. This is purely by decision of top brass/high command where all of the advanced qualities of an experienced virtual pilot are demonstrated. Always consider that ACG is an historical group and we try to maintain an historical balance in the ranking system so if someone is above you and doing their job you may find your route blocked, it may take extra efforts! If you are rank bothered then please don't be, it's just a part of our immersion, besides, officers are expected to do extra stuff, or they are demoted. Promotion is based on:

  • Squadron Involvement
    • Campaigns
    • Regular online flight
  • Flying Improvement
    • Training (attendance & completion)
    • Skill (takeoff, landings, navigation & formation)
    • Combat tactics & K/D ratio
    • Shooting accuracy
    • Flight leadership
    • Communication
  • Contribution
    • Website (design, articles & graphics)
    • Server (coding & mapping)
    • Training (provision & instruction)
    • Recruitment

See also the complete list of ACG ranks.

Our ranking system explained

Such a harsh word, don’t take it like that here. In some other squadrons the situation can occur where somebody attains a high rank and then disappears from the group for long periods. When they return they keep their rank and officialdom, which pisses other people off. In ACG you may lose your grade for going AWOL - don’t expect to keep it if you’re not going to be about. This keeps the system fresh and ensures that the people contributing to the group are provided with the responsibility - this goes all the way to the top. Pilots who go missing will be contacted by email just to find out what they are up to, the consequences ranging from absolutely nothing to removal from the group - but we do like to keep our pilots!