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After Action Report Status:

This ACG Flight Report Status page shows all members whose After Action Report has not yet been written and/or accepted, and therefore impacts on their flight status for the next mission.

The columns show the name of the member, the mission name, the steam-id that the member was flying the mission under and the status of the Flight Report. You can click on the status of the Flight Report to go directly to the mission screen or the report.

A button for writing or editing the reports will be displayed on the right side should your name be listed below. Please note that it takes some time for the adjutants to check and accept all reports.

Note further that the status of your Flight Report will be transfered to the mission control once a new mission starts. All members still listed below at this stage will automatially be despawned from the server. The status will not be be updated once the mission has started, so any attempt to file a successful Flight Report after mission start will not allow you to fly in that mission.

Name: Mission: Flew under: Status:
Air Combat Group - Mission and Pilot Database - Ver: 1.5 - Thaine (ACG-Adjutant)