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Mission briefing for LW - The Hardest Day - Part 2 (1940-08-18 16:00:00), ACG-Campaign "Battle of Britain", mission date: 2017-04-02.


We continue the strikes against the RAF airfields that we started this morning.
Targets for this afternoon and evning are Rochester, Hornchurch and North Weald.


5./JG26 and 7./JG26 have to escort a group of He-111s on their attack on Rochester airfield.
Take off at 16:00 and rendezvous with the bombers over Calais at 16:20, 5000m.
The flight path will be around Manston, then West to finally hit the Rochester in South-West direction.

4./JG26, 6./JG26 and 6./ZG76 have to escort a group of He-111s on their attack on Hornchurch airfield.
Take off at 17:00 and rendezvous with the bombers over Cap Gris-Nez at 17:20, 5000m.
The bombers will head straight North-West towards Southend-on-Sea from where they go West to the target.

The last shift today goes to 1./JG26, 8./JG26 and 9./JG26, who have to escort a hroup of He-111 on their attack on North Weald airfield.
Take off at 17:30 and rendezvous with the bombers over Dunkirk at 17:50, 4000m.
The flight path is planned around 20km East of Manston and then North-West to the target.

All escort missions have to be executed as close escort to give the bombers maximum protection.
The planned egress rout of all bomber groups is straight South-East back to France after they hit their targets.

Hals- und Beinbruch, Kameraden!

Aircraft allocations

Stab/JG26 E4
1./JG26 E3
4./JG26 E1
5./JG26 E4
6./JG26 E4
7./JG26 E4
8./JG26 E4
9./JG26 E4
6./ZG76 C4/N

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