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After Action Report:

Mission date: 31 Jan 1942 09:00
Name: Iosif 'Grumpy' Parshin
Rank: Leytenant
Unit: 233-1
Type: P-40
Markings: Red 12
Aerodrome: Zenino
Pilot status: OK
Aircraft status: Lost

Ground claims:

Synopsis (Optional):

Visibility was so poor that it was difficult for our proletariat heroes to fly as a coherent Squadron. I listened with dismay, as comrade after comrade fell before the sneaking Hitlerite fighters.

I ended up as one of the few survivors, with Comrade Mooch in trail. We were egressing our CAP area when he was jumped and quickly shot down. I turned in time to see his revolutionary fighter foing down and faced the threat, but I was overwhelmed by a cowardly gang of Fascist 109s. I parachuted safely to the ground and began to trudge homewards.

Report accepted by: Teepee
Comment by Teepee

A gallant effort Comrade Grumpy. We were unable to exact our revenge so will have to wait until our next Mission. I have hastened the Comrade Clothing Store Manager to issue the heroic pilots with special winter clothing and boots due to the amount of walking home we have been doing recently.

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