Are you looking for some real and team based flying action, apart from your daily dogfights on public servers? Then you should participate in our events!

Sunday Historical Campaign

Description: "Fall Gelb" Historic Fall of France and Battle of Britain Campaign - The most immersive wartime pilot experience in IL2 Cliffs of Dover - This is mission flying in a re-enactment style for ACG pilots and those who would like to try the experience before considering membership. If you would like to feel the roar of full squadron/staffel takeoffs, Fighter Command operations, scrambles, formation flight in large numbers to the enemy and have a huge scrap high up then come into our Teamspeak and fly with us. We welcome new chaps, no experience necessary as training and help will be provided.
Time: Meet Sunday at 19:00 UK
Mission Duration: One mission per week of approx. 80 minutes
Server: ACG Server in the Lobby
TeamSpeak: ACG TeamSpeak ( is compulsory
Mission Briefings: Check the briefing on the mission map. Follow orders from your flight commander.
Flight Logs: Take a look at our flight reports from the campaign in our custom reports database; Click here


Description: ACG hold 3 training sessions during the week which are open to the public to join in, please just join and introduce yourself. RAF Spitfires on Tuesdays, Luftwaffe Bf109's and Bf110's on Wednesdays, and RAF Hurricanes on Thursdays.
Time: 1900 UK
Mission Duration: As long as you want to, normally a couple of hours.
Server: ACG Public IL2 server here
TeamSpeak: ACG TeamSpeak (
Mission Information: Training is squadron based in the RAF and mixed in the Luftwaffe. Non-ACG pilots are welcome regardless of standard, you may post in advance in our Reception training request thread for one on one help, but it's not required. We have lots of members willing to help any level under no obligation whatsoever.

Wednesday Bomber Night

Description: Ground pounders can get themselves briefed up for ops in our weekly bomber night flying the Wellington or Blenheim bombers against selected targets on purpose built missions. This is a public event for those wishing to learn and fly the bombers, or if you would like to crew a bomber.
Time: Starts at 1900GMT
Mission Duration: As long as it takes, normally a couple of hours.
Server: ACG Public IL2 server here
TeamSpeak: ACG TeamSpeak (
Mission Information: Please view our Bomber Night forum for more information to join the action.

Any Night or Every Night: DCS

Description: Our chaps fly all sorts on DCS so drop in anytime and get involved. It may be a Cold War jets mission, WWII with the Mustang vs Dora or perhaps modern conflict Taliban busting in the A-10.
Time: Drop by Teamspeak, most busy around 1930GMT
Mission Duration: Whatever you want.
Server: ACG Public DCS server here
TeamSpeak: ACG TeamSpeak ( DCS channels.
Information: Please view our DCS forums for more information and to get involved.

Any night: Falcon BMS

Description: Missions in the F-16 Fighting Falcon against air and ground.
Time: Euro evening around 1900GMT
Mission Duration: At briefing
Server: ACG Pop up server (dedicated)
TeamSpeak: ACG TeamSpeak ( Falcon BMS channel
Information: This is not a scheduled event so you will need to keep one eye on our Falcon BMS forums for more information and to get involved. The ATO forum provides scheduling information.