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Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:53 pm
by Cougar
visited our homepages EVENT category? WANT TO FLY BMS WITH US? you are in the right place now!

"who can i talk to and when are you guys meeting up?"
- basicaly everyone on the ACG Teamspeak Server BMS Subchannel present! we meet on tuesdays and satrudays around 1830 BST.

"done. tell me, what do i have to download again?"
- first of all, you need to own the old falcon 4.0 game available on (thx GEORDIE), steam, amazon, ebay,... then you need to register on (FREE) in order to download the mod falcon bms and its versions. you start with 4.33 U1, then U2 up to the current version, 4.33 U3. this is the version we fly with and that is required to join our servers!
See also: ... 30#p103830

"check. i see there are other theaters available for download. do i need those as well?"
- not at the moment, at least not to fly with us. we will stick to the regular KOREA theater since it is the most multiplayer stable one. balkans is worth downloading, so is israel (ITO).

"i have an old machine. can i fly with you anyway?"
- define old :lol: i flew on a 5 year old laptop when i was new to bms. had to scale graphics, but did fine.

"what other hardware do i need?"
- nothing that goes beyond the regular sim-pilot's equipment. stick, throttle, (headtracking).

"i am completely new to the sim. will you guys laugh at me for not knowing a thing?"
- of course, how could we not? kidding. thats what flight school is about, introducing you to the sim. very welcome!

"ok. when does it all start?"
- as stated, we will have our first session on march 2nd (first tuesday in may).

missed that. what now?
- you simply check the ATO section in the forum for further announced flying sessions, join us in the teamspeak subchannel and go from there.

how can i get a head start?
- a little read-in into the manual and study of our "standard operating procedure" (SOP) section gives you quite a smooth experience on flyday.

cu near kunsan AB!



Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:49 pm
by Geordie
Love this Cougar. It may be worth putting some links where you can get Falcon from. GoG always have a sale for Falcon. It normally has 50% off


Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:44 am
by Jammy
I have managed to update BMS after a reinstall, so I will try to attend training. My skills are limited and I will need to do allot of key mapping, so may or may not have 50% of the keys set by then :)