Recruitment: Jasta 7 Wants You! (MST)

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Re: Recruitment: Jasta 7 Wants You! (MST)

Post by Shadepiece » Sat Nov 25, 2017 7:48 pm

Just as a general call and update. Jasta 7's primary day is on Friday at 1700 MST however, we do generally fly missions throughout the week if enough people are interested. I like at least myself plus three, ideally four, to run a mission on an off night. If you see me online and you rope together enough interested folks I'll be happy to run a mission or two.

We run at least two, usually three, missions a night seeing as though they don't seem to take very long typically. I have had many folks show up on Friday looking for a good time, and even if we don't have room straight away we usually have one or two willing to swap out if need be for the next one. I encourage you to drop by on Fridays if you are even the slightest bit interested. Seeing that I run a loose style crew I don't mind if you plan to pop in for a night or two if that's all you can make. As long as you put in a small flight report after the mission feel free to join up for a flight over no-man's land.

We've had a really good time recently with RoF, and I highly suggest folks drop by for a spin.

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