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Re: Jasta 7 AARs & Victory Board

Post by Kildren » Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:40 am

Mission #13 Date: 10/12/1916
Name: Kildren
Pilot Status: wounded
Plane Status: OK

Claims: #1
Aircraft Type: Fe2b
Location: Near Mars Le Tour
Damage Type: pilot KIA crashed into ground
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Re: Jasta 7 AARs & Victory Board

Post by Godman » Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:59 am

Mission #13 Date: 10/12/1916
Name: lt jakob sturh
Pilot Status:ok
Plane Status:ok

Claims: #
Aircraft Type:
Location:mars letoure
Damage Type:

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Re: Jasta 7 AARs & Victory Board

Post by Smokejumper » Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:01 am

Mission#13 10/12/1916
Smokejumper - Lt Jurgen Singer
Plajne and pilot mkay

MArs Le Tour\
Wing off crashed into the ground.

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Re: Jasta 7 AARs & Victory Board

Post by Shadepiece » Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:16 am

Mission #13 Date: 10/12/1916
Name: Kmdr Hans Werner
Pilot Status: OK
Plane Status: OK

Claims: #2
Aircraft Type: Fe2b/Fe2b
Location: 10km West of Mars-La-Tour.
Damage Type: Hammered him from 50m distance for 30 seconds. Oddly there was no gunner. His aircraft spiraled down, and eventually crashed./I put a long burst into his engine, and flamed him. Saw him crash.
Witness: Ground Crew/Smokejumper

Took off for an escort, and ended up intercepting a raid of Fe2b's. We engaged them quickly. I pulled up, and hit one hard in the under belly, and saw him start to stream fuel. I then got in behind another, and I blasted away at him until he rolled over. I thought he was going in, but he recovered. I noted that he had no observer. I then rolled in one more time, and gave him another burst, and he went in. Just after that I pulled up just in time for another aircraft to fly in front of me. I latched on it's 6, and hammered the engine. It burst into flames, and the pusher fell into the earth with an explosion of the fuel tank.

We then RV'd up with the DFW's, but they were holding a pattern, and they never ventured past our lines. After growing impatient I signaled the Jasta to return to the aerodrome. I sped quite fast back in my frustration, but I have to say I think I learned something extra about the limits of the D.II lt's. They are quite marvelous.

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