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All information about our Campaign and the Joining Process can be found here.

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Looking to Join?

Post by Woop » Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:14 pm

Hi and welcome to the ACG Forums!

If you have come here to check us out, then you're in the right place! You will find lots of information about us here. If you would like to get to know us, have questions or need help with something, register on our forums and introduce yourself! Alternatively, there are always people on our Teamspeak and Discord!

To fly the ACG Campaign with all the trimmings (persistent characters, victories, After Action Reports, medals etc.) you will have to sign up as an ACG member.

And that is really quite easy. You don't have to pass an interview, or complete training and there is no standard procedure. If you are interested in joining you only have to create an account on our forum. From there you can introduce yourself in the reception area, if you so wish (it is recommended, so that people know you are interested and will look out for you).

Another thing people usually do before considering membership, is to join us on a Thursday when our squadrons usually have their training sessions. These are not strict, more a kind of flying gathering for ACG members to fly casually or hone their skills as a group. We recommend you join us on Thursdays from 1900 GMT or BST, to get to know us. That way we can get you up to speed with the complexities of our Campaign missions or provide you with any help you might need, whether that is flight or formation training, or help with hardware, controls etc. After this you will be ready and will enjoy our premier event, the Sunday Campaign mission. This is done so that we can ensure that you are not thrown straight into the deep end, but will have time to get to know us, how we operate and fix any issues that may arise.

Therefore, if you join our training session, you will generally be ready to fly in our Sunday Campaign as well. Just join Teamspeak at around 1900 GMT or BST and there will usually be someone who will take you under their wing for the training.

We also recommend you join our Discord server, especially if you need help with something, there's always people on there to help you out.

Our Campaign takes place at 1830 GMT or BST and lasts for a few hours. Please join our Teamspeak server at that time and there will be someone to point you in the right direction. After flying a Campaign mission, just ask to be signed up by talking to a member of Staff and the Squadron Leader of the relevant unit. They will advise you accordingly and will sort the admin stuff out and sign you up!

You must be registered on the forum with an email address which you use. You will need to edit your Teamspeak ID, Steam ID (for Cliffs of Dover Blitz) and your in-game name (for IL-2 Great Battles). You will have also been offered an aircraft tail number from those available for your unit and there is a skin available for you. Please ask your commander about these.

ACG does not care for flying experience a jot, what matters is that you make a commitment for the longer term and in the right spirit. That being said, we do want to ensure you get the most out of your first ACG Campaign mission, therefore, as said above, we recommend that you join us in one of our Thursday training sessions.

As a member, your attendance is recorded by your attendance in the weekly campaign combined with the after action flight report written into our Pilot and Mission Database. The rest of your time is up to you; however we do want people who are willing to integrate with ACG for the long term.


Join us if you are
  • interested in immersing yourself in the history of flight combat ('being there') and not so interested in 'winning'
  • want to fly in a large group of like-minded people on historical missions
  • are a relaxed and helpful person with a good sense of humour.

Your commitment to ACG
  • Make every effort to be a regular pilot for our Sunday campaign, @1900GMT (most Sundays).
  • Write your flight report within 1 week of that flight.
  • Notify command via PM/Forum/email if you decide to leave us, or for extended period of absence.

To be an ACG member means to fly our Campaign. We don't expect you to forgo real life to fly with us, but we would like you to drop people in your squadron a message to let them know you will not be making it. In general, if you can make more or less 7 out of 10 missions then that's fine. We would also like you to keep abreast of what is going on in ACG and, out of respect, should you wish to leave then notify your ACG commander.

For any questions, contact a member of staff on Teamspeak, Discord or via PM here.

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