Message to recent leavers of ACG

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Message to recent leavers of ACG

Post by Dickie » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:37 am

Fellow ACG pilots, we are a couple of months or so on from departure of many of our members which was in some ways damaging but in others liberating. At the time with emotions high it is understood that you stood by your principles and followed the leaders of your crews and whatever they said, whether you were consulted or not, whether you understood ACG in full or not. From our standpoint here we made it clear that we only ever held the ringleaders responsible and that you, the day to day pilot, may have been misled. We didn't dismiss anybody, everyone who left did so by their own decision.

It is water under the bridge, further down the line you may now see that what you were told would happen did not and you may have found yourself without a serious campaign on a Sunday, maybe just aimlessly server flying like before you joined ACG, or packed in. If this is the case for you and you miss it, we want you to know that we didn't want you to go, we wanted for months on end for the disruptive behaviour of a group of people to stop so we could carry on. And that it what ACG has done since in absolute blissful peace and joy, completing our Tobruk campaign over the past 7 Sundays and a server test for MG without a single blowout or argument from anyone. The toxic memes are gone and ACG is back to what it used to be, a bloody great group of friends.

And you can be too. I hold no grudges with those who left on principle or because they were fed bullshit or whatever reason or misunderstanding it was. Sure, a new group has formed, not in the bonded way it was promised because it's a splinter of the splinter, and maybe it'll grow, maybe you are one of the many that didn't join a splinter group, I don't know or care, but you can return to ACG without any blot on your book, no grudge, and get back to healthy fun flying on Sundays. You are WELCOMED back into ACG.

ACG have reinstated all of the ACG base crews and structure. We have LONG plans for campaign in BoX way beyond Market Garden, which is a multishift, fully functional, fully supported ACG campaign. We have the bulk of the ACG membership which didn't leave and didn't become separated and further splintered. And we are actively recruiting with new members joining us as before and some members who did believe it, and quite a few previous members who were bullied by the very people that you have followed have rejoined. It won't take ACG long to replace pilots because we attract people with our quality and our friendship.

Please take it on board, come in and speak on Teamspeak with me or anyone else if you wish to, we are wide open.


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