Installing IL2:Cliffs of Dover with the Team Fusion patches

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Installing IL2:Cliffs of Dover with the Team Fusion patches

Post by Dickie » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:28 pm

New to Cliffs of Dover? Here's how to get up to date.

There are currently five patches to download, the 3.00 patch, the 3.01 minipatch, the 4.00 patch................................. :blah:

IT'S ON STEAM in full now ... d-clod-fa/



To connect to public servers select Multiplayer, then Client which will present the list of available IL2 Cliffs of Dover servers. There are many to choose from offering different styles of play:

Air Combat Group - Historically accurate objective based missions from the Fall of France Battle of Britain, featuring large scale AI bomber raids on real targets of the day with a custom early warning RDF system.

Storm of War - Psuedo-historical objective based missions featuring custom RDF, objectives and AI bombers.

Leadfarm - Airquake with bundles of AI fighters to destroy



It is recommended that you download and install Teamspeak 3 and connect to the Teamspeak server which you are flying on. Air Combat Group describes how to set up your Teamspeak 3 client here


Other game setting recommendations for a trouble free gaming.
1) In the in-game Video settings, make sure "Epilepsy Filter" is unchecked. (ie. disabled). Otherwise, you'll get a psychedelic effect in the cockpit!!!
2) In the in-game Realism settings, make sure "Anthromorphic Effects" is unchecked. (i.e. disabled). This was designed for physical realism, i.e. that you only have 2 hands and so can't do 3 things at once, or operate 2 things on one side of the cockpit. In reality it can become frustrating by causing your joystick/throttle controls to freeze up.
3) Clear you game cache regularly by deleting the folder 'cache'. The game will make a new folder when it is started. You will find the 'cache' folder here :

Documents \ 1C SoftClub \ il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD \ cache

4) Turn Off 'Steam Cloud' by unchecking the 'Enable Steam Cloud sync.' box. First open 'Steam' and go to :
STEAM > Library > All Games > IL2 Sturmovik:Cliffs Of Dover (right Click) > Properties > Updates > Steam Cloud > (Uncheck Box) Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover.



Once in a server you will want to fly.

1. Wait for the mission to load and you'll be presented with the menu for the mission. Click on a Flag. This will put your flag of choice in a red box and also highlight all the available airstrips on the map. The available airstrips will now be white.
2. Click on a white airstrip. A default aircraft will now appear in the right side of the screen. This is the aircraft that you will spawn in if you hit 'Create'. In order to select a different aircraft you will need to hit 'Plane'. This presents the 'Plane Options' page. Clicking the name of the aircraft at the top will bring up a window with the choice of aircraft at that particular airstrip. You can scroll down to the choices and hit the aircraft you would like to fly. (NOTE that airstrips may well have different aircraft choices so it is sometimes wise to try other airstrips before you finally make a selection.) Double clicking on the your selected aircraft in this window will select that aircraft and close the window. Now hit 'Ok' and on the 'Client Briefing' screen hit 'Create' and you will be in an aircraft at the spawn location.

To change the aircraft or modify load out, fuel / ammunition / convergence settings choose 'Plane' and then 'Loadout' before you create your aircraft.

If you have any problems at all please do not hesitate to post in our forums/post in chat/join Teamspeak for help. We are happy to train new pilots and get you into the air, just ask, don't be shy.