New Chap with some questions

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Re: New Chap with some questions

Post by Hannibal » Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:06 pm

Hey Tiger,

if you're still interested: To find out which FPS you got, open Steam, click "Steam" top left corner -> "Settings" -> "In game" and activate the FPS counter. If you got above 30 FPS it's allright, although having more feels way more responsive. Try flying over smaller towns to see how far your FPS drop, buildings drain the most power. If it's still pleasant to fly, you're good to go.

Considerung the costs of flying: You don't need a headtracker if you have a joystick with a small button to adjust your view. If you have the time you can build your own headtracker for 20-30 bucks + 3 hours and it works fine. Gaming on a laptop is not a huge deal, screen resolution is more important than actual screen size, although a bigger screen is more pleasant to fly with.
The most important thing is that you have fun in flying, you do not need top tier gaming rigs for that ;)

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