New patch 4.56 released. Sept 13

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New patch 4.56 released. Sept 13

Post by Kling » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:20 pm

While creating the upcoming TF 5.0 Tobruk of the CLIFFS OF DOVER series, we also improve many things that also benefit CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ, so we're very happy to release this new patch 4.56 with the following improvements:

Revised AI behaviour
We've generally improved the AI's behaviour in many situations.
The default skill settings are now more granular and the the particular skills (Basic Flying, Advanced Flying, Awareness, Aerial Gunnery, Tactics, Vision, Bravery) now better match the proficiency levels (Rookie, Average, Vetaren, Ace). All missions delivered with CloD were updated with the new default skill levels.
A bug in the airfield tower communications (tower's "clear to land" order) has been fixed and AI aircraft now correctly land at airfields when landing waypoint is specified by mission builder.
These are the first steps in a series of AI improvements we hope to make for CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ as well as our upcoming TF 5.0 Tobruk release.
Rearm and Refuel: Mission builders can now allow rearm and refuel functionality in their missions.
Refuel is in percent. The mission builder can implement whatever he needs.
Rearm is available as "Rearm all", meaning guns and bombs, or as "Rearm only guns".
All this is only available if the mission builder implements it. The game checks no requirements and the rearm and refuel is immediate. The mission builder can impose requirements ("landed at airfield, parked, magnetos off, fuel cocks closed, no damages") and show the messages reminding the pilot about it. He also can implement waiting times (e.g. longer time for bigger planes) and messages about it. Also, a truck driving up to the plane could be coded by the mission builder.
Example mission scripts are available here:
Rearm Refuel Example Very Basic SinglePlayer:
Rearm/Refuel Example with Requirements and Delay for Singleplayer
Rearm/Refuel Example with Requirements and Delay for Multiplayer
The Lorenz blind landing system has been implemented. The Transmitter and cockpit instruments have been fixed.
Longer range non-directional radio beacons and long range beacons are now functional.
Transition between different land textures has been improved.
OnBuildingDestroyed() is now correctly called in multiplayer when a building is destroyed.
A static Dictionary<string, object> has been added to the AMission object so mission builders can modularize code.
The propellor pitch control animation for He-111 has been fixed.
The propellor pitch control animation for He-111 and Ju-88 is now correct (it was reversed).
New Sounds and Sound Fixes:
Fixed issue rendering 75% of land vehicle sounds (armored car, trucks, etc..) being inaudible.
Fixed distance dropoff for above land vehicles.
Fixed dynamic blasts (added to explosions and cannons).
Revised Overstress SFX
Revised aircraft buffeting SFX
Added new supercharger whistle.
Added dynamic panning to aircraft exterior view.
Implemented basic 3D positional audio (It should now be easier to locate a sound source.)
Revised Fiat A-74
Revised Fiat A-80
Revised DB601 series
Revised Jumo211 series
Revised Merlin Series.
Added Merlin XII Coffman Starter.
Fixed Merlin sounding idle if throttle was moved under 20%-30%
Revised MG 17
Revised Hispano
Revised Browning .303s
Native bird calls
New engine sounds for the Tiger Moth
Relevant Bugtracker entries:
#850 (Resolved): Fiat G.50 engine sound cut out at high rpm when listening from outside
#1099 (Resolved): Bad engine sound above idle in Blitz on He 111 and Ju 88 Aircraft
#952 (Resolved): Merlin engine sounds louder at low revs than at high power
#736 (Resolved): Bf 109: /B variants sound bug
#1062 (Resolved): Beaufighter engine sounds periodic bass pulsing
#547 (Resolved): Fighter 303 sounds cut out

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Re: New patch 4.56 released. Sept 13

Post by Paddy » Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:25 pm

Lots of neat fixes/additions there. Very much like the refuel and rearm element.

How many man hours involved in all that?

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Re: New patch 4.56 released. Sept 13

Post by Kling » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:19 pm

many... will be more patches during the autumn as we try to release when we have gathered enough fixes for a new patch :)

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