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Post by Konaber » Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:11 am

TWC Server seems to attract 20+ people every evening around 2000 GMT, together with AI and working in-game radar (Tab 4-1 aswell as TWC homepage) it's nice.
For whatever reason it's Channel with up to F4s and MkV instead of Desert (so Tobruk needed), but still fun.

So if you guys want to dust off your CloD skills, now seems a good point to do so.

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Post by Dickie » Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:07 pm

Good to hear

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Post by TWC_Fatal_Error » Mon May 24, 2021 2:35 am

We have a Tobruk Server but the game play is different than the channel Map

Initially you have 6 primary objectives to destroy, plus the focus airport. You will want to remove all artillery & AA batteries from your focus airport.


Once that is accomplished ground troops from your army--6 attack groups with minimum of 48 vehicles -will attack the airport, coming from several directions. Your job is to support these ground attack vehicles and fend off any attackers--from air, sea, or ground--that may stop their attack of the airport.


If your army is able to place 6 vehicles onto the center of the airport within 90 minutes, you have won the airport and that concludes this mission. When the mission re-starts, you will own this new airport and the battle front will move to reflect that.


If your army does not successfully reach the airport with 6 vehicles within 90 minutes, the enemy will launch a ground counterattack of similar size. Now your job is to STOP this enemy counterattack, strafing and bombing the attack columns.


If the enemy is able to place 6 vehicles onto the airport within 90 minutes of their attack, then they have successfully counterattacked. The mission ends with the enemy reclaiming their airport.


If the enemy fails, your ground troops will again launch another attack on the Focus Airport--and you have another chance to take the airport. If that fails the enemy will launch another ground attack, and these ground attacks and counterattacks continue until one side or the other claims or reclaims the airport.


At the same time your side is trying to attack and claim this airport, the enemy is doing the same--they have targeted one of your airports, they must first destroy six primary objectives plus that airport, they ground forces will then launch an attempt to occupy that airport, etc.


Whichever side completes the destruction of their six objectives plus their focus first will launch the ground attack. At the point the other side has lost the opportunity to launch a ground attack on their chosen airport--because all available forces must turned to defend the airport the enemy is attacking.

Each map turn pushes the enemy back towards their side of the Map significantly. The ultimate campaign objective is to capture all the enemy's air bases in turn, thus forcing them off the map entirely.

BOMBERS: Attack and destroy the list of important mission objectives given to you by HQ (Tab-4-6 menu). Also destroy other secondary and important targets of opportunity. Then support & defend your ground troops as they attack the focus airport, and/or attack enemy ground forces attempting to recapture it or capture your airport.

FIGHTERS: Cover and defend your bomber patrols; prevent enemy bomber formations from destroying your important targets. Then support & defend your ground troops as they attack the focus airport, and/or attack enemy ground forces attempting to recapture it or capture your airport.

RECON: We need good intel to determine objectives and set our plan. Conduct high-altitude overflights of enemy territory (10000 ft +) so HQ Photo Intelligence can use the photos & information you gather to identify enemy strengths and weaknesses and provide precise targeting information for mission objectives and targets.

In-game, carefully read ALL of the Tab-4 menus (Tab-4-4, Tab-4-4-4, Tab-4-4-4-4, etc) to see vitally important commands and information sources. You can also use <help, <chelp, <khelp, and <rrhelp for more information on the chat commands.
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Post by Shadepiece » Mon May 24, 2021 1:08 pm

Neat! Thanks Fatal!

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