TFS Developer Diary June, 2021

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TFS Developer Diary June, 2021

Post by ATAG Pattle » Wed Jun 16, 2021 12:26 pm

Hi all,

Welcome to the our new developer diary from Team Fusion Simulations! This is the beginning of what we hope will be a more consistent pattern of updating the community to what’s going on behind the scenes, with the aim of releasing one of these each month.

Firstly, an update on TrueSky and VR. While we don’t have any images to show you (yet!), and work is being affected by the ongoing global pandemic, substantial progress has been made on these two major updates. We now have a test version of the game that runs with both TrueSky and VR, enabling our teams to work towards refining these upgrades for public release.

This is huge news for many in community who cannot wait to see what True Sky offers, and in particular to the VR players, who cannot wait to fly in the Battle of Britain and get some virtual hot sand in their eyes flying in the Desert Air War, all in Virtual Reality!

Next is a look at three new single missions recently added in version 5.022.

The first is available for Blitz owners, and is titled Solent Skirmishes. The Solent - the strait of water that separates the Isle of Wight from the English mainland - saw its fair share of combat during the Battle of Britain, and this mission recreates two possible scenarios.

The first skirmish of the mission sees Stab III./JG 27 leading 9./JG 27 in a sweep over the area. However, the RAF’s Chain Home radar network has detected the Bf-109s, and No. 234 SQN has been vectored to intercept. Leading the Spitfires is Australian ace Pat Hughes, with English ace Bob Doe and Polish ace Zygmunt Klein behind him. Sadly, in reality, only Doe would survive 1940.

The second skirmish has Hurricanes of No. 43 SQN engaging an unusual target. A He-115 of SNFlKdo 2 is heading to the coast to find and rescue a German airman from the channel. However, with its armament of machine-guns and secondary task of reporting Allied shipping movements, the floatplane is fair game for the RAF. Fortunately, two Bf-109s of 1./JG 2 are on hand to ensure the He-115’s safe passage.

The other two missions are for Desert Wings Tobruk owners. Set in June 1942, these missions depict the Battle of Gazala. Rommel’s troops have pushed the Allies back to el Adem, just to the south of Tobruk, and now seem poised to seize the port and encircle Allied positions near Gazala.

In the first mission, 'As Above, So Below', two fierce dogfights break out over the battlefield. Future German ace Franz Stigler, a year and a half before his legendary encounter with a damaged B-17 over Germany, is part of a schwarm of Bf-109s from 4./JG 27 patrolling over Gazala. Unknown to them, they are on a collision course with English ace Billy Drake and the shark-mouthed Kittyhawks of No. 112 SQN. Meanwhile, future Canadian ace Joseph Jean Paul Sabourin of No. 145 SQN leads some of the first Spitfires over Africa against C.202s of 73a Squadriglia.

Thank you to community member Enceladus for providing the inspiration for this mission.

The second mission, Dawn over the Desert, sees the top German and Australian squadrons clash over el Adem as Kittyhawks from No. 3 SQN RAAF battle Hans-Joachim Marseille and 3./JG 27. However, the Axis forces have noticed the appearance of Spitfires over Africa. Ju-88s of 2./LG 1 are closing in on Gambut West airfield, escorted by Italian ace Franco Lucchini’s 84a Squadriglia. Ironically, it is now up to the ageing Tomahawks of No. 4 SQN SAAF to defend the brand new Spitfires.

For the On Line players, TWC's massive campaign goes from strength to strength. TWC's Flug recently posted an update improvements to the campaign. Check out the full information here: ... hp?t=35111

Flug talks about the improved AI. The absolute importance of reconing targets to assist AI bomber squadron accuracy, and your score, as your stats are increased based on the success or otherwise of the subsequent raids on that target/s.
For those that want to lead a whole squadron of bombers into battle, you can on the TWC server!

The Air Combat Group recently began their new Tobruk multiplayer campaign: From Battleaxe to Crusader. Judging from the after-action reports on the ACG website and this video from community member Boyezee, the campaign has seen intense virtual air combat and bombing raids in missions designed for maximum immersion and historical accuracy by the ACG.

Check out Boyezee's latest video from the campaign.

You can find more info on the ACG website:

See you in July for the next update, when we'll talk about the new RAF campaign in development for Cliffs of Dover Blitz!


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Re: TFS Developer Diary June, 2021

Post by Jaydog » Wed Jun 16, 2021 1:40 pm

Great news on Truesky and VR. Are there any plans in the future on improving the MG17 gun sounds for the German planes?

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Re: TFS Developer Diary June, 2021

Post by Passion » Fri Jun 18, 2021 2:14 pm

Pleased to see VR being worked on

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