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Scripting Help

Post by Wolverine » Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:22 am

I've been testing and trying some things tonight to try and get building better missions and possible create a new campaign type that could be a lot of fun (a sort of dynamic, 'RPG' style co-op campaign that happens in real time), but I need a few very simple scripts to work before I can push forward.

What I need to do is this:

I need to be able to do the blanket messages that go by at the top of the screen when I load new missions on the fly and when certain targets are destroyed. I can get bits of the code working (kodiak posted a few things that I've been able to kind of sort out), but here's my problems:

1. I can get messages to pop up with a delay, but only when the delay is keyed from the mission start time, or start tick. If I try to have them key off of when the 'sub' mission is loaded over the first one, the message displays okay, but it never goes away. It just sits there big and yellow and never fades.

2. I need a little bit of help in how to make a trigger for objects on the map, such that if an object is destroyed, a mission message displays (we've all seen this type of thing, I just can't find a tutorial or script example for it).

3. I also need a method of de-spawning an object after a variable method of time. For example, a truck convoy is spawned as part of a mission and proceeds along waypoints until it reaches a location, whereupon it de-spawns (and sends a message). This can be by a variable of time, or a trigger at the end location I suppose.

The purpose for these scripts is as follows:

I will be hosting a map that the campaign participants will be joining. As the map plays out, I will be introducing missions on the fly to act and react to the participants' actions (sending out fighter sweeps, bomber raids on their assets, sending convoys between points, etc.). Each mission will be premade and prepared for use during the mission. Each mission requires messages to indicate to the players what is happening (I don't have CH Radar stuff). I could give the messages audibly over teamspeak I suppose, but keeping track of multiple missions at once might get tricky with timing. The participants will also be able to ask for various actions like sending out convoys, bomber raids on enemy targets, etc. The idea is to create a dynamic tactical campaign environment for smaller groups.

I will certainly supply anyone who helps with copies of the final campaign mission files if they would like them.


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