How to get the old girl up and running WITH HSFX!!!

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How to get the old girl up and running WITH HSFX!!!

Post by Dickie » Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:10 pm

OK This is to get you to IL2 1946 v4.12.2 HSFX7.0.3

Step 1: Download the game if you don't have it already

Step2: Patch it up to: 4.12.2:
You can use this mega patch it will bring you to the latest version from whatever version your running automatically

Or get IL2 1946 from Steam that will be straight up to date: LESS HASSLE:

Now check the game runs and set your graphics to full including the resolution, it now supports 1920x1080

Step3: Now download HSFX 7 and install VIA Installer: ... 309.0.html

OK Make sure you install HSFX 7 first Note that the game will not run very well once it has been installed

Step4: Download The Hsfx Patch Manually (just Unzip into you IL2 46 root and overwrite) ... o_7.03.rar

Step5: After installing the patch... Open JSGME(JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler) Activate the following Mods in the program:
(If it did not open you can find the JSGME.exe in your IL2 1946 Root Folder its automatically installed with HSFX 7)

1:HSFX History Mod
2:Perfect Map Textures
3:Map Slovakia 1955
4:Hakenkreuz Enabler
5:Carrier Takeoff 5.7 for HSFX7

Step7: Download Hyperlobby Client and install SEPARATE FROM IL2 1946, to connect to servers for online Simming

Step8: Download My Conf.ini From Our Teamspeak its located in the IL2 1946 File Browser, Paste it in your IL2 1946 Root Folder and replace..... ALWAYS BACKUP THE ORIGINAL .ini

Step9: Run game check the graphics settings make sure textures is on perfect and always run in OpenGL

Step10: YOUR GOOD TO GO :) :)
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