Kanalkampf. Mission 14: 25th July 1940

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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 14: 25th July 1940

Post by Reinhart » Mon May 05, 2014 10:57 pm

Mission Date: July 15th 1940
Aircraft:Bf-109 E3
Markings:White 15
Aircraft Status:OK
Victory Claims:

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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 14: 25th July 1940

Post by Krass » Wed May 07, 2014 12:05 pm

Mission Date: 25 July 1940

Name: Krass
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: 109 E1
Markings: Black 6
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Status: Pilot OK, Aircraft slight flak damage, in repair.
Victory Claims:
Helga is in a foul mood. His gruff voice perfectly honed to drown out a DB 601 as his ground crew frantically run around preparing our aircraft for yet another sortie. We have lost a few brave comrades in the past few weeks, and one of them was his favorite pilot, Gunter Krapp. I have been 'volunteered' to bring him news of a party tonight to welcome our new recruits to 5th Staffel, but I decide a large message on the staff blackboard is perfectly fine.

We have only been back from our latest attack on the Tommy's for a few hours, but we are all eager to enjoy a little respite and let our hair down. The Staffelkapitän is already in the spirit of things, and looks resplendent in his shiny black Lederhosen and polished helmet. Everyone is glad to see the new pilots, they seem more experienced than the usual we get from training school , a good thing too, the RAF are proving a stubborn and tenacious enemy.

As we bring in the bottles of requisitioned French wine, the mood is suddenly changed. We are given new orders to immediately scramble our 109's for an escort mission to England. We are getting used to constant action these days, and this is confirmation that the big push on the Tommy's is really on. The new pilots are going to get a very quick baptism of fire..
Within minutes, we are strapping into our 109's as the men in black start up our engines. Today, I am assigned to 2 schwarm as wingman to veteran pilot Unterfeldwebel Grey. We will have one of the new pilots, StarryM with us today and I check he is OK as he tucks in behind me. Marquise east is a frenzy of noise and dust as the mighty Staffeln of JG26 roll down the runway and take to the air. We head out over the channel and begin our slow climb to meet up with the bombers. Soon we are near the cliffs of Dover, and we catch sight of the bombers below us. As we continue our patrol we find ourselves in the middle of a flak barrage and I suddenly feel a bang very close to my plane. I check around but all seems fine for a few moments. Then our new pilot, StaryM, who has flown exceptionally well and stuck with me throughout, tells me I have a leaking radiator and I look to see the tell tale signs behind me. Damn this flak!

I need to head for home as my engine will soon seize, so I wish the remainder of my shwarm good luck and begin the flight back. I stay high ready for the inevitable engine failure, which comes as I finally make French soil. Flaps down and praying for more lift from the flimsy French air, I touch down within yards of our airfield. The short walk is filled with disappointment I couldn't help my comrades. Now I have the unenviable task of explaining to Helga I left my aircraft in a field for him to pick up. Maybe a few bottles of that French wine will help with the recovery..
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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 14: 25th July 1940

Post by Oho » Thu May 08, 2014 5:53 pm

Mission Date: 25th July 1940

Name: oho
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft:109 E1
Markings: 3
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Lost
After encounter of Group of Spitfires I dived too strong and overreved the prop. I tried to reach french coast but ditched about 500 m before. A Fisher-Boat picked me up and took me to Calais harbour.

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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 14: 25th July 1940

Post by Atreides » Sun May 11, 2014 1:04 am

Mission Date: 25th July 1940 1352-1437

Name: Atreides
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf-109 E1
Markings: Black 3
Aerodrome: Hydrequent
Pilot Status: OK (splashed my plane into the sea)
Aircraft Status: Destroyed

Severely damaged a Spitfire low to the west over the convoy, however no confirmed kills.

We would be fielding 11 planes this afternoon. The expertise of the mechanics never seized to amaze me. Though we were grinding the RAF in the dust we got some losses here and there, and a plane emerging from a mission undamaged was unlikely. On the mission earlier today I myself had to be picked out of the water by the Kriegsmarine. Luckily they had had some good coffee.

But now, looking along the flightline the sight of the 5th Staffel and on the other side of the airfield the 2 other Staffeln was breathtaking, a sight only surpassed by the beauty of the French peasant-girls we saw in the local bars each night. After watching the 6th get airborne we started our takeoffs. The 5th got into the air without incident. Our rookie Staffel was steadily becoming a more than reliable combat unit.

It was a nice morning with some clouds low over the land. Once we emerged from the clouds we had the whole Channel lying peacefully before us. Deceptively peaceful. The steady sounds of the engine and the sight of a good combat formation almost made on forget why we were here. Soon I was brought back to the seriousness of our task when the enemy convoy became visible in front of Dover. We took up position between the convoy and the land better to intercept incoming RAF-fighters. These were soon spotted over Folkestone at the moment the first ships started being destroyed by our Kampfgruppen below.

The 5th joined the 6th and 4th in a huge battle over the area. Scattered we were engaged in numerous short 1 v 1 engagements. Suddenly I saw a Spitfire in front of me who was being fired upon by another 109 who overshot him. I was at similar speed with the Spit so I started following him closely instead while I fired intermittently. He tried to get away however I kept on his tail as we lost altitude. I hit him numerous times. He lost an aileron and after some time started streaming a white vapor. As we dove through the clouds he turned sharply away. This is were I lost him.

While trying to reacquire him I slowly climbed up. Suddenly I heard one or 2 bullets hitting my plane. Immediately black and white smoke emerged from my engine. This meant whoever was behind me got both my oil and water radiators with one hit. Brilliant aiming I thought. Too bad the 109, though impressive when undamaged, is far too easily crippled.

I saw him behind me and turned into a cloud where I lost him. With my radiators gone the timer was ticking and the only thing I could hope for was getting as close to France as possible. When I splashed into the water in sight of Cap Gris Nez a rescue ship of the Kriegsmarine was already sailing towards my location.

As I climbed into it I was surprised to recognize the commander who, when offering some coffee, assured me the unwashed coffee mug was the same I had used earlier today. Gratefully though slightly embarrassed I took the mug. Whilst drinking my coffee and looking over the waves I was consoled by seeing the plumes of smoke of the destroyed English convoy in the distance. Though shot down I was safe and the mission of the Kampfgruppen a huge success. Without that tonnage and those supplies Britain was again left a little weaker.