Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

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Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by Pitti » Sun May 25, 2014 8:47 pm

Flight Reports: Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Mission Date: 29th July 1940

Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status: KIA / OK
Aircraft Status: Lost / Damaged

Victory Claims:
(code here)
http://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/forum/v ... =66&t=1169


Mission Date: 29th July 1940

Name: Pitti
Rank: Major
Unit: Stab II./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-3
Markings: << + -
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Water Radiator damaged. RTB

Victory Claims: Multiple enemies heavily damged, but could obersve final victories.

After the successful attack on Dover yesterday, the high command decided to keep up the pressure on it by sending more bombers.
I led my Gruppe into the air for the first escort mission at 0705 from our airfield Marquise Ost. Unterfeldwebel was flying as my wingman.

After assembly over the airfield we headed towards Dover to meet up with the bombers. At 0710 I spotted the Stukas (about 20) approaching Calais on an altitude of about 3000m.
We kept climbing towards them and reached them while they left the French coast. The 6th Staffel (with me as leader) went into position on the left side of the bomber formation, the 4th on the right die and the 5th were assigned with the high cover task.

At 0718, mid channel, I received a radio call that the Stukas are under attack by Hurricanes. The must have come in from high altitude since we didn't spot them on their approach. We turned around towards the bombers to get them clear of the enemies. We climbed a bit to gain altitude and a good attack position above the bombers while the past us below from my 1 to 11 o'clock, I witnessed a mid air collision between an enemy fighter and one of the Stukas. It resulted in a explosion with a big fire ball. I felt the shock wave shaking my plane. What a cruel sight!

After we were about 500m above the Stukas I gave orders to dive down into the attack. I made several attack runs on the Hurricanes and managed to heavily damage two of them. They left the bombers streaming liquid and with holes in their wings. But I didn't see them going down.

After the Stukas dived into attack on Dover town and harbour we stayed above and tried to clean the are for the next wave of Stukas which should arrive soon after. Multiple small dogfights developed were Wiesel and me engaged some Spitfires and Hurricanes just in front of the harbour. At some point in the dogfight we lost visual on each other. Wiesel replied to me over the radio that he is chasing an enemy low over Dover while I was clear of any enemy and was gaining altitude over Dover. I shouted at him that he shall break of the fight and climb up to me since I couldn't see him and thus wouldn't be able to help him when he gets into trouble. Shortly after he shouted a "Horrdio" over the radio, he had send the enemy he chased to the ground. I congratulated him (although I couldn't witness his claim) and urged him to climb and join up with me. But it was too late, only seconds later I heard him scream the he is under attack while escaping low over the harbour. His radiator was hit so he had to be fast to get back to France. I spotted him while he left the harbour. Luckily the Spitfire turned away from him and he was able to made it back to France.

In the meantime the next wave of Stukas arrived at the harbour. They were already under attack by Spitfires and Hurricanes. I climbed towards them. Three Spitfires past in front of me but they didn't spot me since they were in a left turn and showed me there bellies. I brought myself into a good attack position over the harbour just as the Stukas start diving on their targets. I attacked two Spitfires and a Hurricane. I caused heavy damage to all of them but again I didn't saw any of them going down.

Enemies were all around me and the Flak was barking at me as well. I was alone and low on ammunition, so I decided to get my ass out of there. I has just turned towards France when I spotted a Spitfire on my six o'clock. I went into a shallow dive to get away from him. But I had no luck, this Tommie was following me. He was still on me when I was more then half way back to France, now flying at only 100m over the water. He was not in gun range so I kept on flying straight at high speed in hope that he will gave off. Meanwhile I called out for help over the radio and shortly after I saw a 109 coming down on the Spitfire. But this 109 wasn't any help since he wasn't able to get any hits on the Spitfire. He missed the Spitfire so much that the Tommie probably hasn't noticed that someone was following him.
Unfortunately the Enemy managed to get a lucky shot on my left water radiator, which started streaming. I get angry and had enough of this. So I started a barrel roll which caused the enemy to overshoot me and I put some holes into him while he crossed my Revi during that manoeuvre. Now he must had realised what big mistake he had made and tried to run home. We were already near the French coast. I knew that me engine would quit soon so I headed directly back to our airfield. When looking back I saw that the Spitfire was now under attack by two 109 of the 6th Staffel. Everyone gets what he deserves ...

My engine stopped during my landing approach on Marquise Ost but I managed to make a safe and clean landing, clock showed 0745.
I was happy to hear that the 6th Staffel hadn't lost one pilot. Everyone mad it back to France. Although most of them slightly damaged. Especially these water radiators of the 109 them to be a big issue. Hopefully Mr. Messerschmitt has a solution for this in the next series.

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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by MarLeo » Sun May 25, 2014 8:59 pm

Mission Date: 29th July 1940 0650 - 0800

Name: MarLeo
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 6. Staffel JG 26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-3
Markings: Brown 1 + -
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: In tip-top shape
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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by Boyezee » Sun May 25, 2014 9:08 pm

Mission Date: 29th July 1940

Name: Boyezee
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E4
Markings: Black 14
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Damaged

No Claims

Flew as part of 'Rot' Schwarm with Esri led by Atreides, after picking up the other Schwarms from 5./JG26 over Calais we took high cover on the bombers.

After the initial engagement mid channel I was seperated from my Schwarm, I dived on a Hurricane however the enemy evaded my attack, I then climbed to join back up with my Schwarm.

As I levelled out to 4k to establish contact with my Schwarm I took hits from an enemy aircraft, I took evasive action by diving for the deck towards France, the enemy aircraft dis-engaged.

My aircraft had a hole in my left wing and started venting, after getting the call from my Schwarm leader to RTB I headed back to Marquise East, on approach my engine failed so I completed the rest of the final by gliding, My undercarraige would not respond so I engaged my emergency system however only the left wheel came down, I made a crash landing on the airfield, no injuries sustained.

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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by Esri » Sun May 25, 2014 9:24 pm

Mission Date: 00-00-0000 0000-0000

Name: Esri
Rank: Gereifter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 10 E-4
Markings: Black 12
Aerodrome: Marquise
Pilot Status: unharmed
Aircraft status: Engine damaged due to perforated rad, RTB
Victory Claims: None

Not much achieved this time... We started (red schwarm with Atreides and Boyzee) with Atreides and proceeded to rendezvous with stuka bombers. We escorted bombers in rear high position. In some time we encountered them brits and engaged in a fite. I held to atreides, while Boyzee got separated in a fite. We then got ourselves free and reunited with second wave of bombers. We were attacked by a large group of enemy aircraft and very soon, i lost track of everybody and even got myself a perforated rad by someone's bullets.. I was so disgruntled, that i headed back to base, pursued by single enemy. While diving, i lost aileron but managed to free myself and successfully returned to base. My engine gave up just before i landed but it was ok.

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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by Grey » Sun May 25, 2014 9:42 pm

Mission Date: 29th July 1940

Name: Grey
Rank: FW
Unit: 5th
Aircraft: Bf109 E4
Markings: Black 1
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Lost

Victory Claims:
Report to Hptm Karl Ebbighausen

Took off from Marquise-east in the best kind of way, even the guys from 6th staffel congratulated us on our perfect take off. Never in aviation history had it had been better, Schwarm Grey/Dub/Madigan were about to make history for the Luftwaffe, we talked over the R/T on how to approach the inferior Hurricanes, but before we could end our conversation we were in the middle of a wasps nest. The tail of my E4 was unprotected all of the sudden and here’s where it went wrong.

I followed one of the buggers who was taking shots at Madigan who was in the fight before me, so I started the pursuit, I gave him hell, parts of his ugly crate flew against my canopy while the smell of gunpowder filled my cockpit, I couldn’t think straight,
I only needed one more victory to become an ace and receive the cross of iron as this was going to be my 5th victory in the campaign.
Unfortunately the guy I was beating brought his mother with him and she gave me hell, a good and well planted bash from behind hit some oil lines and the oil cooler and so brought my engine to a stall in a fraction of a minute, the only smell in my cockpit now was burned oil, I had to switch the magnetos off in order not to get choked.
As my opponent saw me being in trouble she had to keep shooting at me, don’t know why... Now I got wounded as well! So to end this sad story I had to ditch immediately or that woman would’ve killed me!
3 days I floated around in my dinghy on the North Sea before I reached the shore at Ostend in friendly territory. Totally exhausted I’d made it.
Grief fills my heart now ,that I or anyone else didn't see that Brit I was chasing to go down.
That’s the harsh reality of war. Hope to get back in the air soon after my wounds are healed!


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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by Chumleigh » Sun May 25, 2014 9:54 pm

Mission Date: 29th July 1940

Name: Chumleigh
Rank: Unteroffizier
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E1
Markings: white 14
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Status: KIA
Victory Claims:
forced to drop from altitude due to joystick malfunction
regained control over Dover and fired on hurricane hitting his radiator
on the deck near Dover we were outnumbered roughly 2-1
fired on and hit 3 more hurricanes damaging the radiator of one but could not sustain any attacks due to enemy fighters closing in

A hurricane collidede with me from behind and as usual my AC exploded while his flew right through unscathed. These lopsided collision results are getting very tiresome and whatever the reason, whether it be my location with respect to the server or a damage modeling issue, there is no question that the results of collisions between my AC and others significantly favor the others regardless of the conclusions drawn by Gruber et. al. in the tests they conducted. The last 3 collisions in a row that I've had with hurricanes are as follows: hurris -3 109s -0 and you can bet the margin will grow dramatically.

Comsequently I posted an unconfirmed kill in the event that that a hurri pilot claimed me as his kill. It may not have appeared as such on his monitor but he did not shoot me down - he ran into me. So as long as I died at that moment I expect that the record will show that he did too.
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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by Robo » Sun May 25, 2014 10:00 pm

...to be deleted...

Chumleigh mate you're being very unlucky indeed. The RAF pilot who collided with you was Teepee from No.501. He did apologise to you in the chatline just after you left the server. He had to bail out from his Hurricane right away and responded to your message that he was sorry, but he was going too fast to avoid the collision.

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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by Lee » Sun May 25, 2014 10:33 pm

Mission Date: 29th July 1940
Name: Lee
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: BF-109 E4
Markings: Black -+4
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Status: Aircraft damaged , Pilot OK , Landed safely at Coquelles
Victory Claims:
Again I was out of practice after a long weekend with my family (that retuned today to Sao Jose Dos Campos Brasil).
Today we were surprised by a new naming conventions to our Schwarms .
Although I am extremely fond of colors there was quite a bit of confusion .
Using numbers it is extremely clear what comes after "1" ....
But it is much harder to figure out what comes after "Red" .
It was a good morning in the channel .... How I missed the clear air of Marquise East .
I was assigned to my amazing Schwarm with Krauss and Flyby (our amazing Schwarmfurrer) .
Despite the confusion on the runway , we managed to form up nicely and to keep close formation .
First run we kipped formation the entire way to Dover (excluding 2 mishaps ) .
However , we never had eyes on the first wave of bombers .
We have received word that the red schwarm is engaged , and at that point , Flyby instructed us to keep altitude while he zooms down .
I understand the logic of this move , however , our formation was effectively broken by then .
By that time both me and Krauss were lost , Flyby was engaged and got KIA .
At that point we have received word from Her Schtafflecapitan that the second wave of JU87's are over Calleis .
Although Krauss and I were never able to re-form we did spot the Stukka formation together , and turned to cover the last wave .
From a distance I have heard Krauss informing over the wireless that the bomber formations is under attack , and turned to engage .
I managed to squeeze a short burst at an attacker before I have heard the all so familiar sound of shots being fired at my 6.
I have noticed that my flaps were hit and I had no ailerons .
Looking over my shoulder I have noticed a 109 passing by and understudy I was shot by a friendly .
At that point I have heard Krauss reporting that he has bailed out , and realizing that my friendly attacker identified me , I have turned back to France aiming to the closest Airstrip I could find ...
My heart was beating like a mad man as I made my final towards Coquelles with no ailerons .
I managed to land safely , cleared the runway and awaiting my transport back to Marquise East .
I bare no grudge against my attacker , I have squeezed shots at friendlies when I was just a Gefreiter .
Anyway , Notes for next time , We should Never Ever Ever intentionally break formation , We looked great until this point and everything turned to shits afterwards ..
Still , I was fairly impressed with myself ... landing the 109 without ailerons or flaps ...
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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by Atreides » Sun May 25, 2014 11:57 pm

Mission Date: 29th July 1940 0651-0737

Name: Atreides
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf-109 E4
Markings:Black 3
Aerodrome: Hydrequent - Marquise East
Pilot Status: OK (Splashed into the Channel)
Aircraft Status: Lost

Multiple enemies damaged, no confirmed kills.

The 5th this time consisted of 13 planes in 4 Schwarms. After a flawless takeoff and rendezvous with the Bombers the Schwarms attacked the enemy planes that engaged us mid-Channel. Got into a dogfight with No.64 squadron 3/4 of the way towards Dover near the second wave. Managed to damage a Spit together with another 109. Successfully disengaged when more Spits arrived. Saw a Spit fire on another 109 on the deck heading towards France. Knew there were other Spits there but had to at least try to clear his tail. Barreled over to the left and behind the pursuing Spit. Got a cannon shot in his fuselage/tail as he was turning away from me up and towards the right. Then I got hit one time, after which I had lost my oil radiator. After a flat scissors with him my engine gave up. I spun and splashed into the water but somehow survived this.

Somewhere on the English Channel

"Herr Leutnant, we have your coffee ready" the commander of the rescue ship said as I walked onto the bridge. "4 times one after the other. I wish I could say it was a record. The radiator again?".
"Ja" I replied "why did they have to use the ones made of paper?"
"Always a problem, those efficiency bureaucrats" He answered
"Yeah, you're right about that. Heard rumors of a new version being developed. But that will take some months".
“Let's throw out the coffee and take some Schnapps. We both could use it after a day as today.” He offered.
“Great idea.”

Washington DC, the White House, 1 week later

“John, come in. What's the rush?”
“Mr. President, we just intercepted a German Kriegsmarine ship near Massachusetts. All aboard were left completely comatose due to excessive amounts of Tea in Schnapps they had drank. Their ship simply headed west until we intercepted them. It seemed the British have poisoned the stocks of liquor they left behind at Dunkirk. A most cowardly act. One of the captives, an Air Force lieutenant, claims to be related to you.”
“What? Have your people at the bureau been able to confirm this?”
“No Mr. President, that's why I want to ask you if we can bring him in here?”
“That's highly irregular, but if you think it could help, sure.”
As the Director left the room to bring the captive, Roosevelt thought aloud. “Whoever could that be? I know I have family in Holland but not Germany? Though just a month ago I did hear the one who was a pilot disappeared after the fall of the Netherlands....”
“Uncle Franklin! How nice to see you again.”
As Roosevelt looked up he saw a familiar face. “You? You're a lieutenant in the Luftwaffe? What? How?” He saw Hoover relax and wave of the security detail as they both listened to the story.
“...and that is why I joined the Luftwaffe uncle.”

“So you're Atreides. We've heard about you even here. Your feats against the RAF are most impressive.”
“Just doing my job uncle.”
“I completely understand your quest against Tea. But it seems to me that there's more to this. We need to get to the bottom of it. John!”
“Yes Mr. President?” the Director replied.
“I know our resources are stretched thin, however could you put one of the sections of the Special Intelligence Service on this? It seems too convenient, even for a supposed Tea drinker seeking to sabotage an airfield.”
“Of course Mr. President.” Hoover said. “And the prisoners?”
“Well, we're not at war with Germany, not yet anyway. So I see no reason to keep them here. Make the arrangements to get them back to occupied France ASAP...if that's what you want nephew.”
“Of course Franklin. I have unfinished business there. It's a matter of honor. However I do hope to hear if your agents discover anything about Bergen, Director.“
“Yes, we will talk about how to contact you before you leave. I'll make the arrangements. Mr. President.”
As Hoover left the room Roosevelt turned again towards Atreides. “Would you join Eleanor and me for a BBQ tonight? This war is a terrible thing and we can at least have an old fashioned cozy Dutch evening here before sending you back.”
“Sounds great uncle! I hope one day after this is over I can invite you to a BBQ at my house in the Bavarian Alps.”

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Re: Kanalkampf. Mission 16: 29th July 1940

Post by Aurora » Mon May 26, 2014 12:45 am

Mission Date: 29th July 1940

Name: Aurora
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-1
Markings: White 19
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Water Rad damaged. Landed

Victory Claims: 0720-Hurricane-KW I-Confirmed

Had to lead 4 Staffel today, certainly a difficult task given my little leadership experience. Take off went smoothly, tried to keep comms ready with 5 and 6 however I wasn't too sure what information needed to be relayed. I did manage to notify 6 staffel about a group of hurricanes diving in on the stukas. Combat was very interesting this time around managed one kill and damaged several hurricanes and a spit, ended up fighting out numbered on several occasions and finally went home with a rad hit just in-land of french point. Big thanks to casca for his efforts with the bombers and the support he gave me while returning home.