Adlerangriff. Mission 19: 11th August 1940 - 0800

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Adlerangriff. Mission 19: 11th August 1940

Post by DaHeld » Mon Jul 14, 2014 9:26 pm

Mission Date: 11th August 1940

Name: DaHeld
Rank: Ufz.
Unit: 6./JG 26
Aircraft: Bf 109E-3
Markings: brown 12 + -
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Lost
Victory Claims: nil

While the first Schwarm was engaged with Spitfires near Dover, we of the second Schwarm flew on with the Bombers and were intercepted by Hurricanes near Deal. In the ensuing fight, I had to break because I had at least three Hurries behind me, loosing Trautloft in the process.
I had to dive and then came around again to re-engage.
Back on altitude, all I could find were enemy. I engaged the one that I thought to be the hindmost in a formation of three. I fired upon him and believe I scored some hits, but then I was hit by one of his friends and my radiator was perforated, so I had to disengage immediately.
I dove again and turned for home, but a few kilometres in front of the French coast, the engine cut out and my ride transformed into a glider. I had to ditch in the channel about one to two kilometres away from the coast. A coastal patrol picked my up soon afterwards and I went home still soaking wet.