Adlerangriff. Mission 20: 11th August 1940 - 0900

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 20: 11th August 1940 - 0900

Post by Hypoxia » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:05 pm

Mission Date: 7/20/2014
Rank: Untersomething
Unit: 4./JG26BF109-E3
Markings: White 12
Aerodrome: Theville
Status: Ditched in Channel
Victory Claims: 0
Aircraft Status: lost
Time Place Aircraft Opponent Confirmed
- - - - -

Took off with Chumleigh , Vas, and Javelina as Schwarm 1. Picked up bombers and escorted into channel. Saw some Hurricanes attacking bombers and followed Chumleigh into attack. Rolled in on a Hurricane attacking the bombers and got solid hits. Later got radiator damage and dove away. Tried to get as much altitude as possible and turned engine off. Glided and later turned engine on again but engine finally over temped. Ditched in channel close to France.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 20: 11th August 1940 - 0900

Post by Zalzam » Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:02 pm

Mission Date: 11th August 1940

Unit:5/ JG 26
Markings:B 15
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Lost

Victory Claims:

Blev nedskjuten av en envis Hurikane :x

Aha, you did not understand.
Here comes Google translation:

Was shot down by a stubborn Hurikane :x

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 20: 11th August 1940 - 0900

Post by Krass » Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:08 pm

Mission Date: 11th August 1940

Name: Krass
Rank: Hauptgefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: BF-109 E3
Markings: Black 6
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: OK, lightly wounded.
Aircraft Status: Landed at Base.

Today, we have been ordered to escort our brave bomber pilots on a long and dangerous mission to attack the stubborn Tommies. Our schwarm is to be led by the irrepressible Hauptgefreiter Lee, with veteren pilot Unteroffizier Flyby on his wing. I am honored to be joined on this mission by our new Staffel member, Gefreiter Bubi, a very experienced pilot with many flight hours already for our glorious Luftwaffe.

The ground crews have filled our 109's to the brim today, we may yet need every precious drop if we are to return after a long dogfight with the RAF. All checks done, I tighten my straps one last time as the air around Theville is filled with the sweet and powerful sound of our mighty Jagdgeschwader.

Soon, we are heading to our rendevous point with the bombers, our Schwarm in combat formation, each of us mentaly preparing for the difficult task ahead. It seems we have been flying for a long time before we hear the Gruppenkommandeur call out contacts ahead and above. Lee and Flyby have blended into the other Schwarm in front of me, and as I try to regroup, I follow another 109 around and up towards a furball of Spitfires and 109's. Within seconds I am involved in a dance of death with the enemy. After several minutes of manouvering and snap shots, I hear on the radio that Flyby is down so decide to head back towards the bombers and hopefully to reform with Lee and Bubi. Trying to locate them, I hear they are in trouble and Bubi has bravely put his aircraft behind Lee and a chasing Tommy. We are all relieved to hear he has bailed out succsefuly. A sudden bang behind me and a searing pain in my left shoulder, I look around and see a lone Spit taking pot shots at range. Wounded, I must make towards home base quickly before I pass out from blood loss. Lee's aircraft has damage, and we keep in contact as we both set a heading for France.

After what seemed like hours, I finaly spot Theville below me and make a sound landing with my vision becoming redder by the second. Helga looked suitably unimpressed by my 'scratch' as he hauled me from the cockpit, his ground crews are apparently betting how many holes my plane can take and still make it back. Luckily I know a little place not far from here where the sympathy is reasonably cheap.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 20: 11th August 1940 - 0900

Post by Casca » Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:52 am

Mission Date: 08-11-1940

Name: Casca
Rank: Schwarmführer
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-1
Markings: White 10
Aerodrome: Theville
Status: * Hic...Drunk with Herr Bear. Aircraft pristine/less fuel and ammo
Victory Claims: 2 Hurricanes shared with Bear.

Dam our Staffelkapitain and that fucking whore, Monique!

Holding on to the sides of the supply truck as it slowly starts rolling down the cobble stone street, we're all yelling at Reinhart to leave the whore and catch this last ride back to base. But he wants to run with his new whore all night. I can only shake my head in drunken disbelief as we roll out in the darkness without him. Reinhart and Monique, who would have thought?! Guess everyone has a kink.

Show time comes early that same morning. I've manage to sleep a few hours and pound down coffee before being told that I'll command 4./Staffel. Reinhart is nowhere to be found.

My head hurts from binge drinking just a few hours ago and the ops tempo as acting commander doesn't help the pain either - but once the Radio frequency (RF) are set and mission info given out, things quiet down around the mission tent. Standing next to a make-shift table that's covered with maps, I glance around at my old friends; we've flown together through far too many campaigns to still be alive (Spanish civil war, Poland, Belgium, Norway and France). We know this and even though we’re nervous about our luck running out, someone always starts joking and cutting up about this time as we wait for our brief from Gruppenkommandeur Pitti. Today’s topic of entertainment is our very own Staffelkapitain Reinhart and whether or not he lost his virginity to Monique, a known transvestite. I laugh so hard my face hurts. This type ridicule happens when not present to defend oneself. Watching us in disbelief are our new recruits - they don’t understand our ritual to relieve pressure from what will follow. I ignore them - other than to assign their positions within the Schwarm. When they ask questions, I answer with patience but don’t look up to acknowledge them; I don’t want to see their faces. Too many faces already haunt me.

Someone yells, ‘ATTENTION’ as Pitti enters the tent. Some throw up right arms in salute, some stand clicking their heels. He waves us off and starts his all too familiar brief, "Weather at altitude and to target is clear. 4./Staffel will take off at 0900L, rendezvousing with bombers at 0930L and escort on the starboard side of the formations up to an altitude of 5K. Targets are at Isle of Wight. Assigned aircraft will be the E-1 with 100% fuel." Chumleigh is visibly happy grinning from ear to ear; he’s exceptional with this aircraft. I can’t help think about my coolant system and all that fucking water…and being without cannon.

Once at my machine, time speeds up. I’m spend a considerable amount of time checking and rechecking my flotation devices. All checklists are accomplished and the 4./Staffels ‘engine start’ is uneventful. However as I taxi, I lose all inputs to my rudder / breaks with the p-factor almost pulling me into another aircraft before I can stop. As before, I quickly assign Vas the Staffelkapitan – he’s very competent and nonchalantly moves the Schwarms out across the taxi field. Quickly removing fuselage panels, maintenance confirms that my rudder cables are ‘off pulley’ and the fix will be 5 to 10 minutes.

I wait, watching the hands on the clock tic-down and then glance up to see one of 5./Staffels horrific takeoffs, that ends in a dreadful explosions - Poor bastard, I hope it’s not Bubi my ol’ flight instructor. Unbelievably, just a few days ago, a pilot from their Staffel crashed into a hanger almost killing one of our pilots). Those guys in the 5./Staffel have some real issues to deal with.

Vas gets 4./Staffel up without incident and Bear and I rejoin them as a supporting Rotte.
Soon we're all on target heading, never climbing above 5 kilometers and continue to keep the bombers on our port. Pitti continually calls us thinking we're a Schwarm at 6K. This causes confusion because we’re always being jumped by the Brits from behind and they always seem to hold the height advantage. More confusion arises with ‘solo’ 109s darting around our formation. I'm starting to get spooled up, the Indians should be around the corner at any moment...

Then all hell breaks loose! Bear yells, "Indians 5 o'clock high and contrailling" and "they’re wheeling in behind us."
He leads - he saw the bad guys first; I follow in a high right hand climbing turn, advancing my settings to military power. My E1 is struggling at this altitude but I make the turn following Bear – I can count his rivets. Coming out of the 180-turn, we push down into a dive behind the formation and the attacking Englanders. Screaming down now, 600 – 625 – 650 true, Bear and I zoom in behind a lingering ‘target fixated’ Hurricane that's chewing up a Ju-88. Coming up fast, just behind the Hurricane, Bear lets loose his guns in a shotgun effect. Four barrels of 7.92 tear the Brit apart. With the Hurricane now streaming glycol, I follow in with a quick ‘snap shot’ giveing the Bastard another four barrels – I see a rudder, aileron and canvas explode off the aircraft (I can only hope that it’s the Brit that calls everyone a ‘cunt’ over the radios). The situation is too fast, too dangerous to watch the kill…I continue to follow Bear! Scheiße! A Spitfire rolls in behind him! I scream, ‘Bear! Brake right! Break right!’ My fucking radios, are inoperative! I've lost comms. He can’t hear me…I pull my nose up and fire a long burst - all four guns at the Spit, he breaks off. I’m still with Bear, I don't think he knows I've shot a Spit off his tail. He continues straight chasing another target. Again he fires at a Hurricane and again I see damage. Rolling in for my turn trying to stay in unison, I line up to fire but first take a glance behind me… Scheiße! SPITFIRE! I immediately kick hard left rudder and push right stick, my machine snaps onto its back and I pull hard reversing under the Spit in a dive heading in the opposite direction. I continue to power dive, extending out of the conflict and when all looks clear, climb back to 4K to look over my radios - a simple switch has somehow manages to turn my mic off so once corrected I'm back in contact with Bear and Scannon. Separated, we decided to meet at 4k on the southernmost point of the IoW. After about 10 minutes of flight time, I spot Bear and start to 'wing up. "Hey Bear, I'm coming up on your six." He responds, "Negative! I don't have you." Again I say, "You're in the sun, are you rocking your wings? I'm coming up inside your turn - on your 8 o'clock." As the sunlight comes off the windshield, I squint, blinking my eyes several times in disbelief...I'm forming up on a fucking Hurricane! Now I'm screaming, "Its a Hurricane! A Hurricane's up here!" We must have realized it at the same time because we both break in opposite direction as if in an aerial demonstration. Scannon remains high to provide top cover as Bear and I Yo-Yo, and wagon wheel the poor bastard to death making brutal slashing attacks. This Brit was good but his luck ran out along with his energy, flipping into the Channel.

On 'Bingo fuel' low on ammo and Scannon calling out Indians overhead, we decided to depart the fix, disengaging low over the water at full military power. Low enough that spray from the waves white caps splatter my machines windshield like rain in a storm. We three returned to base without incident.

As I sat in my cockpit listening to the gyros whine down, I feel a tug on my shoulder, its that new pilot, Scannon. Standing on the wing of my aircraft he says, "Hey Casca, let's get Bear from his aircraft, catch a ride into town and find Reinhart!"

But that's another story...


The whore Monique, a known transvestite.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 20: 11th August 1940 - 0900

Post by Tyrone » Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:21 pm

Keroth wrote:Mission Date: 11th August 1940

Name: Ker0th
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 5./26
Aircraft:Bf 109 E-4
Markings: Black 18
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Lost

Victory Claims: [td]10:05[/td][td]South of isle of Wight[/td][td]Spitfire[/td][td]Unknown[/td][td]Yes by Boyezee[/td]

We took off From Theville airfield with a bit of trouble. Stig and me came up first we started to cirkle climb the airfield while we waited for Boyezee and Atriedes. When They joined us we continued the climp until we spotted the bomber where we started to zigzag climb over them to about 6K altitude, we lost Atriedes for a little while but quickly grouped back with him and continued.

We had just crossed over the bombers at about 6-7 K when we noticed a group of bandits following the bombers above us, we continued the climb to the side to cain altitude over them when suddenly 2 spitfires jumped us. We avoided them and started the dogfight.

After a bit of fighting Atreides was shot down. Now i can quite remember if in what order the next events happened all i know is that I pulled out of the fighting to dive back in and had a good deflection shot that ripped of the left ailion, I zoomed back up and did a quick turn and came back down on him, got a good hit and suddenly he just whent in a steady dive towords the water, then i saw a parachute and could confirm my first kill in my first mission. While dogfighting i saw stig having trouble with a spitfire on his 6, as i were turning towards him i suddely saw him catch fire. I dove on the spitfire and allmost got into a turnfight with int in thirst for revange.

After som more dogfighting i got a good angle on the last spitfire and shot his left ailion off, unfortunetly he somehow mangede to get on my six. I treid to do siccors while Boyezee was attacking him, he made him go off but he quicly got behind me again, i tried to do the same move but took a hit to my engine just before Boyezee got him off. This forced me to head back for France leaving Boyezee with the dameged spit.

Halfway to France me engine cut out and i had to jump, my parachute opened and landed safely in the water where i was rescued, and Went back to celebrate my victory, Boyezee seemed to just disappear from the face of the earth.


hi keroth that was me and fenris we had to even it out quick lol good fights and welcome to the campaign S!

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 20: 11th August 1940 - 0900

Post by Chumleigh » Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:27 am

Mission Date: 11th August 1940

Name: Chumleigh
Rank: Feldwebel
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: E3
Markings: White 14
Aerodrome: Theville
Status: KIA parachute failed

The second schwarm of the 4th staffel became fragmented early in the engagement due to engine problems and casualties. Consequently I was left without a wingman upon encountering the enemy for the first time. I took on two hurricanes from a disadvantage in altitude and was unable to score any hits although neither did I sustain any damage until two spitfires joined the fight as well - again from a higher altitude - and sealed my fate.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 20: 11th August 1940 - 0900

Post by Salsam » Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:38 am

Name: Salsam
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 5/JG 26
Aircraft: 109
Markings: Black 5
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Lost

Victory Claims:

Engaged 2x Hurricanes over bomber formation, got MG hits on 1, no visible damage, then disengage and climbed away. Spotted a single 109 being chased by 2 Spitfires - engaged them in a attempt to break off their attack, but ended up getting hit in my leg during a right turn.
Tried disengage while dressing my wound, I was hit again, this time in my engine and control surfaces. By that time i decided to bailed out over the canal.
Swam back, fighting English fishermen and their nets, one large octopus and finally ended up here at the base, Sir.

Sir, my I change out of these wet cloths?

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 20: 11th August 1940 - 0900

Post by StaryMruk » Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:00 pm

Mission Date: 11th August 1940

Name: StaryMruk
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Me109 E3
Markings: Black 19
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Crash Landed on enemy territory (golf court?)

Didn't hit anyone with a single bullet


We took off from Marquise East and form up on the left side of bombers formation. I had trouble following the rest of the schwarm. I was loosing tchem and confusing with other schwarms in the area. When I noticed Spit attacking first wave of bombers I dove on him. I fired long cannon burst but probably all bullets missed due to insuficient deflection. Then I broke seeing Hurricane getting on my six. I did thight lag roll and we collided. My 109 lost significant part of the wing. I landed on enemy territory, probably golf court. Club members were not happy!