Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Keroth » Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:53 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: KerOth
Rank: Katschmarek
Unit: 5th
Aircraft: Bf109-E4
Markings:Black 18
Aerodrome: Maqruise East
Pilot Status: Captured
Aircraft Status: Smahed into a house in Hawkinge

Victory Claims:
-N of RamsgateHurricaneUnknownNo
After everyone had taken of we grouped up and headed for the bombers with 5th a bit higher than 6th. As there came more and more contacs it all became a big mess and Grey Stig and me where just cirkeling around trying to find any RAF. Zalzam was not with is as he for some unkown reason had engine problems and had to go back to France before any crazy things started to happen. As we where flying around in this mess constantly chasing a plane to find out its an 109 Stig and I got seperated from Grey. After not being able to find him again he said he went to cover the bombers so we went over there as well. When we spotted the bombers there where planes ducking in and out which we could only think was the RAF, Suddenly i see a hurricane dive on Stig so i tell him to check six while i go after the hurricane. Stig gets out of the way and I continue the pursuet. i Managde to get some good cannon hits in him and he starts leaking black and go into a spireling dive until he splashed into the water.

After i got a kill I made my way back to the bombers where i spotted a hurricane going towards the stukas, i fired on him and ran out of cannons. He dogded most of my shots and i lost him for a second but quikly found him, he was heading for the stukas again. This time knowing i only had mg's I came alot closer and he did not seam to notice me. I hit him with a short burst but he just did nothing so I took aim and held the button down for 3-4 seconds while things kept coming off him and he started trailing, at this point we were in the midle of the stuka's and suddenly my right wing smashed into one of them. I was ready to quikly bail out but took a second to see if i could still fly, and i could! Though checking my aircrafts state i quikly realized that I had lost the outer tip with ailion of my right wing and had to fight to keep it level, so i quikly said to Stig i was heading home. As i went away from the bombers i spotted the hurricane i had shot at again he was headed for England looking quite damaged, he proberbly had to crashland or even bail out. suddely i got back to riality by bullets hitting my plane, 2 hurricanes was coming for me. As i could only bearly keep my aircraft up i did nothing to evade and just swore alot hoping they would he it and be to scared to attack my helpless 109. By shear luck it had worked i saw them turn under me and headed back for the bombers, but they had left me dameged and my beautiful Black 18 was now trailing aswell. I tried to climb a bit knowing i would never make it to France and what do you know my engine starts cutting out. I bailed out opening my parathute almost instantly glideing safly to the ground i see my 109 smash into a house in Hawkinge wich atleast gave me som enjoyment, fully knowing i had was going to be captured by the Brits.

The only thing i gave up to them was where i kept my secret supply of beer which i thought was sharing alot when none else knew where it were but they didden seem to thinks so...

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Boyezee » Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:55 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: Boyezee
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf109 E4
Markings: Black 14
Aerodrome: Maqruise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Damaged on landing

Flew as part of the first Schwarm with Esri led by Atreides, it was good to have Obergerfreiter Esri back after his leave from producing more future Luftwaffe pilots, as we circled the airfield and made our way to Calais Atreides decided to test our formation flying skills with a set of sudden moves but by now Esri and I are on to him and were expecting it.

After meeting the rest of 5th Staffel over Oye Plage we set course for Manston, spirits high that we wouldn't be chained to the bombers and would have a chance to hunt. As we approached the Manston area at 5.5k we flew into a sky full of aircraft, after gaining some more height we engaged a flight of enemy aircraft, during the resulting melee we became detached from each other, Esri got good hits on a Spitfire but I couldn't confirm his victory as I had lost eyes on him by this point.

I pursued a Spitfire that was climbing after one of our boys, as he climbed I put cannon rounds into the left side of his cockpit and his left wing, he dived away smoking but I was unable to see what happened to him after that.

After rejoining Atreides near the ships we spotted a lone enemy aircraft below us, as we dived to attack he saw us and sped away, we broke off rather than pursue him into England where no doubt the cunning tommy would have had some friends waiting for us. Esri was also following an enemy aircraft but also broke off to re-form with us, we then escorted our bombers back to the French coast, after patrolling the coast for a short while we then headed back to base with our Schwarm intact.

On approach to the airfield Esri bet me that I couldn't land with one wheel and with my eyes closed, and you know what, he was right.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Javelina » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:09 pm

Name: Javelina
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-3
Markings: White 13
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Landed at a friendly base, thus allowing the A/C to be used for another day!

Flew as the wing-man for Schwarmführer Casca.

Our Schwarm takeoff process went all without issue. Shadowed Casca throughout the orbit over Marquise East. Our team formed up in good order, and then the subsequent rendezvous over Calais with our Gruppe Kameraden. Our Gruppenkommandeur issued the command to head towards our objectives, and we executed as directed.

Under the guidance of our Schwarmführer we rolled over towards the objective, climbing & leveling out at approximately 6K.

Very soon, “Indianer”. I managed to hang tight with our Schwarmführer's six, on (3) separate gun passes, noting his gunfire into the “Red” enemy, while I was keeping his six clear of any Englander. He had hits, and fortunately I managed to cover him throughout each run...

On the fourth gun pass, just Southeast of Manston, we both swooped up. I managed to stall out, (afraid of over taking my wingman), we were at about 6.5K. My crate went into a flat spin. I managed to recover at roughly 4.6K. With little “E”, I was fortunate to not have been engaged. Recovered, and then went into a left climbing orbit, and noticed (3) “Red's” following after me like school girls at a Justin Bieber concert...

After climbing through at 6.5K, I noticed the “Red's” had closed to within gun range. At that point, I pushed the nose down, went negative G, and hit 700 kmh. Leveled out at around 3K, noticed those “Red” b*st*rd's were gone. But, unfortunately, it seemed I may had induced a governor problem. Though I don't remember seeing any sort of red warnings in the console.

Nonetheless, I called out to Casca to alert him of my status. I was able to bring my crate back home, and landed on a friendly airbase. After which, it was Beer & Schnapps, awaiting my Schwarm mates, (which most all them made it back). Then we partied all night long with the local Französisch Hotties.

All in all, it was a good mission. I managed to hang in there with Casca through most of the maneuvers. It was unfortunate that I put my crate in a spin, post his fourth gun pass. Otherwise, I would've hung on his @ss like a cheap suit, throughout!

Catch you all in the virtual skies next week.

(Now, unfortunately, Gefreiter Javelina fails to hang up the phone, after calling in his mission report to the 4th Staffel. His colleagues manage to hear in the background....)

Französisch Hottie: Javelina, j'ai besoin de plus champagne

Gefreiter Javelina: ja meine Liebe, hier, ich habe viel mehr...

Französisch Hottie: merci ... que vous devez remplir toujours ces rapports?

Gefreiter Javelina: Ja meine Liebe, Pflicht ruft …

Französisch Hottie: vous n'aimez pas ce que vous voyez??

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Reinhart » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:58 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940
Name: Reinhart
Rank: Leutnant
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: BF-109-E3
Markings: White 15
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot Status:OK
Plane Status: Engine heavily damaged
Victory Claims:
After being granted leave I decided to spend a few days in the Vaterland and enjoy my time with family and my beloved Ursula (don't tell her about the brothels, please). I was relieved to have some time to relax and take my mind off the stress of constant combat and to set my conscious at ease for the countless number of men I've killed. I don't tell Ursula about any of my exploits, no doubt she will think I'm some sort of bloody thirsty monster void of a heart. The days pass almost like seconds and before I know it I'm back at our home base of Marquise. All the men are waiting inside the tent for briefing and after I've had a few words with Major Pitti I join them for the briefing. "Achtung!" are the first words out of my mouth as I enter followed by a short pause as I look over them. All young men, no younger than 18. This puts enormous pressure on me at times. Though I am supremely confident in their abilities and as fearsome as they are, every time we lose even one pilot a piece of me is taken with them to the bottom of the channel. I go over the flight plan with them and once all the details are sorted out we take what might be our final steps towards our 109s. Such a beautiful machine, the Messerschmitt. A very deadly aircraft if used properly. Much like a women, if you obey it and treat it with care it will take you to Heaven and back. If you don't it will betray you and make you wish you never had entered her. We start our engines and lay idle on the field, watching 5th Staffel roll down the runway and into the air and what a glorious sight it is. We then taxi towards the runway, proceed with take off procedures and fly off into the sunset. After linking up with 5th and 6th Staffel we head across the channel. Almost reaching the target area my number 2 calls out that I'm leaking thick white radiator fluid. Scheiße! I knew I had forgotten something. I inform the rest of the squadron and radio to Bear to take my place. "Viel Glück!" I'm told as I turn back for France, gathering as much altitude before my engine inevitably seizes up and shuts down. I manage to touch down at Coquelles and my engine is so hot you could fry an egg on it, I then hitch a ride on an Opel back to Marquise and wait for the rest of the squadron. I watch as Bear is on final and sets his bird down and as he emerges I ask "Where is Number 2?", his head sinks down and he slowly shakes his head...
As Casca lands I ask him where the other 2 are, he does the same.

Later we all head to a local pub and drink to our fallen comrades. We each fill up a glass, raise it in the air, and shout "Prost!" then send it down the hatch.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Bubi » Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:29 am

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: BUBI (that's German for "bodacious ta-tas")
Rank: Gefreiter (that's German for "wipeout")
Unit: 5./JG26 (that's German for "totally rad and knarly dudes")
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-4 (that's German for "Beemer")
Markings: Black 10 (that's German for "Hang-10)
Aerodrome: Marquise-Ost
Status: Pilot - Quickly becoming a British Ace, that's my second crate and three more to go. The bright side being this is my second batch of silk I can bring home for the wife to make stuff out of. Ditched, PIlot parachuted A-OK.
Victory Claims:
~12:172K plus, feet wet, off Manston harborHurricaneUnknownKill, KRASS

KRASS: Confirm for 1-Spit kill He did a cracken job and was really chuffed. Well done!
LEE: Spin out (lost track of him there after)
FLYBY: Mechanical issues, RTB

After Action Report (AAR):

Today was a mixed bag of joy and sadness, far too common Im told with this profession. So there I was....

Took out my camera from my flight jacket and snapped a shot of the 5th second Schwarm over my starboard wing.
Unfortunately, that's the last camera shot I got today. Apparently my camera did not capture many of the shots I took during the course of this sortie, so Ill try to make it up with a narrative.


I was selected as the Rotten-Furher as I was taxiing up to the tarmack being the Schwarm rotte (LEE, KRASS) was starting to roll. Soon both of us in the second Rotte (BUBI, FLYGUY) were up and catching the lead Rotte, which was behind the 6th Staffel. All look great and the power of the LW was spreading her golden wings over western France. I sight to behold!

As we climbed to 4K, my wingman (FLYBY) started to stream something white. Surely it was those damned French Resistance fighters.... my wingman was sabotaged! I informed my #1 (Rotte Furher) of the misfortune and asked if I could/should escort #4 (FLYBY) back to base and was given the go ahead. As we got back down to landing pattern #4 had catastrophic conditions and we lost his crate. I radioed for instructions and was told to catch up and reform with my Scwharm2 to form a KETTE. Which is easier said than done going from base to back up to 4-5K and find my schwarm out of the many formations above. But I did after some guess work and wing waggles; and then off we went - minus our most experienced pilot. War is hell!

Our placement by this time was pretty much tail end Charlie to the whole JG gaggle, with the 6th a bit ahead and higher than us. We continued to climb up to about 5~6K and not too far off Manston harbor when the first bandit contact tallies were coming over the wireless. Onward we continued and soon enough there were E/A formations below and co-Alt with us. The first dogfights were engaged!

Our #1 latched onto a Hurricane trying to around our left flank and he pulled Gs to honk around him being that we had good speed (400 kph plus). Unfortunately, at these higher altitudes where the air is thinner, I think he yanked and banked too hard and went into an immediate and hard downward spin. Meanwhile, #2 KRASS and #3 myself-BUBI, continued to persecute the Hurri and some Spits that were at out altitude. Going down for LEE at this point seemed dangerous for us to loose our energy as we still didn't know if LEE was able to pull out of his hard spin. I found a Spitfire pretty soon and followed him a few turns and then got in under 200m and gave him a 1 second burst with guns/cannons. It punched a large whole in his starboard elliptical wing and he also went spinning down. Because I was still in the area with KRASS, I didn't want to leave him unsupported so I went back to his cover position.

By now we heard from LEE that he was recovering at 2K and in hot pursuit of a Hurri. We all were moving closer to the Manston harbor and city areas, but at different altitudes. Next I heard KRASS' voice at about 3 octaves higher than normal, either he was dying or something miraculous was happening! After his noises become intelligible, he was reporting that he was all over a Spit like ugly on an ape, getting solid hits. Being his cover, I looked over my wing and sure enough he was hammering away at his victim, but below me so I couldn't see the registry. Then KRASS gave out a victory roar similar to one you would expect to hear at a football game. Yes, its was clar that KRASS got his first piece of ASS!!! Well done mate, well done and in good enthusiastic cheer.

As the tides of war go, soon we heard the plaintiff calls of our #1 who by now was in the kettle of steam. We were too far and high up to help our mate, and we witnessed only his last radio transmission... then that ghostly hissss-snap! of a transmitter gone dead, and our mate along with it. Such how KRASS and I went through the rollercoaster of emotions of elation to depression. War is hell.

KRASS and I continued on to our #1's last known position near Manston harbor and city. Along the way I spied a pair of Hurris heading back to Manston below us about 1000m, so I radioed my wingman KRASS and he covered my attacks on the lead Hurri until it belched black and white smoke and fell away, I called for witness and watched her hit the channel in a spray of sea water. Hit the camera button several times, but unfortunately my first witnessed kill went un-filmed. War is hell!

What remained of our schwarm our ad-hoc rotte comprised of one pilot from each original rotte continued on towards what we thought was the area with shipping. I continued looking around for Indians, but was soon being called by my wingman for assistance. In the short time it took to look around to gain SA, my wingman was down a couple of thousand feet over the Manston city and airbase in a dogfight with a hurricane. So the fight was afoot again! KRASS had dished out some damage but was not being pursued himself and was calling me help ASAP. I got there just in time to chase off the Hurri on his tail with a quick inaccurate burst with tracers. We exited left out to sea and the Hurri off to his right back to base in hopes to drag us into their FLAK guns. Sorry mate, not this time. Rain check. War is hell.

This was our 3rd dogfight of the day, where we dished more than we took, when made us feel rather manly and all. Upon looking at my petrol gauge which read 1.4 liters, I suggested that we RTB and call it a day. Number 2 assented and we headed for France. No sooner did we make that call, KRASS then spied a Hurricane below us making it back to base.... oh schiese, to hell with caution we are LW fighter pilots; lets do it for LEE... and off we went down to get this poor chap. War is hell, no?

KRASS was quick to put the hurt on this fine flying fellow who probably would not make it to base, but we could not confirm the kill because soon 2 of his buddies and came to his aid the the tides of war has changed quickly. KRASS was getting attacked so I honked around and came to his assistance, giving KRASS a chance to extend. Unfortunately for me, the turn put me too slow and now I was fodder for KRASS' tormentors. I started taking hits and called for KRASS to help, which he did in quick order. He put some holes into the guy at my six and they took off for home. Unfortunately we both received golden radiator BBs and had to get as close to the French coast we could, got sufficient altitude and bailed safely. Thanks to the Kriegsmarine for pulling us out of the drink again. Dang it, war is hell!


Three dogfights was a charm, Four was a whore. We should have in hindsight, RTBed when my first intuition said to. A lesson we both lived to fight yet another day. Sorry LW for the lost Messers, we shall be sure to pay you back after the war, OK? When we get back to base, we have to visit LEEs widow and to return some personal effects


and deal with the French Resistance that messed up FLYBYs crate, we needed his guns today. The base police have snapped a picture of the saboteurs. They shall be caught and dealt with swiftly!


Yup, you guessed it... War Is Hell!

That's all Ive got.

Im a dot....

BTW, Im selling my personalized boat from this lastest mission, slightly used and in great condition. Inquire at the front office desk.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Flyby » Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:50 am

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: Flyby
Unit: 5./jg25
Aircraft: E4
Markings: Black 8
Aerodrome: Maqruise East
Pilot Status: KIA
Aircraft Status: Lost

5 Staffel took off first, with the 1st Schwarm leading the way. I was flying in the 2nd schwarm today, assigned to fly Bubi's wing. The form-up caught me out, and I was pushing the engine hard to catch up (and get in my proper position). Just before I reached my correct position, the engine began to run quite rough,and I declared an emergency and turned back towards base. I'm not sure what happened next. My point of view changed, and suddenly I was high above the 5 Staffel watching them continue to form up. Then it was through some worm hole-like tunnel thing, and I'm standing in line with a number. The infirmary? No.... Chow line? smell of boiled cabbage and knockwurst. Beer line!!! Heck yeah!! :D But no...not the beer line. :( So I ask the guy ahead of me for the gen, and he says "this is the get-your-arse-kicked-and-sent-to-Hell-for-ruining-a-perfectly-good-plane line" So I just turned around and left that line, and good riddance!. Since I still had my chute with me, I simply dove off the fluffy edge expecting to float down. One eye-blink after I pull the rip cord, I find myself standing in another line.WTF!!! :? So I ask this guy in front: "hey buddy, what line is this?" He replies: "I just told you a second ago, it's the get-your-arse-kicked-and-sent-to-Hell-for-ruining-a-perfectly-good-plane line". :o Next time I'll pack my own chute. :evil:
Flyby out
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Ape » Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:50 pm

Aircraft:BF-109 E-1
Markings:Brown 15
Aerodrome: Maqruise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Land at Homebase

Taking lead of the second swarm I made sure everybody survived the Mission. Helping out on a few occasions i damaged 1 Spitfire and 1 Hurricane. Another Spitfire that I shot was lit on fire and probably went down. 6. Group returned home without any deadly casualties, only one machine lost.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Badger » Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:36 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: Badger
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: BF-109E-3
Markings: white #20
Aerodrome: Hydrequent
Status: RTB Hydrequent
Victory Claims: 1 hurricane
Took off with schwarm 2 from Hydrequent with flight leader Casca and spotted JU87 flying west up the Thaimes Estuary NNE of Manston. Continued to escort bombers until they were engaged by enemy fighters over enemy shipping approximately 10km north of Herne Bay. I dove from 6.5k to approximatley 3.5k and spotted an enemy hurricane engaging a JU-87. I fired guns and cannons into the cockpit area killing the pilot. I continued escorting stukas as the egressed SSE then climbed east to try and rendevous with schwarm leader Casca east of Manston. We then received orders to RTB. So flew to homebase and landed.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Hindsight » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:42 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: Hindsight
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: BF-109 E-3
Markings: White 19
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Status: On the ground, "comforting" the widows of the dead (In my own special way)
Victory Claims: None

On this particular mission, Schwarm 1 was feeling quite confident. After a successful takeoff we maintained close formation and headed out over the channel, looking for flying Limeys. Unfortunately, our confidence brought with it a dark and deadly friend. A few minutes off of our expected rendezvous with our British counterparts our fearless leader blew one of his radiators. After assigning Bear to take over, Reinhart fearlessly turned and headed for home. I suspect this was all a ploy to allow him to get back into the freakishly thick and somewhat hairy arms of Monique (his home away from home). Once we settled back down and cleared up any confusion this caused we continued to gain altitude and scan the skies for those dastardly British. Soon afterwards, we began to see contacts off our low 9. As we banked in their direction we realized that a huge furball was beginning to develop. We made a quick pass through the swarm and climbed out again without giving or receiving damage. At about this time, we got a call from Maple stating that he was in a dogfight and had destroyed an enemy aircraft. Because we knew that it would be impossible to regroup in this situation, Bear and I climbed and circled and waited for an opportunity. That is when we spotted two Hurricanes flying in formation at about 7500 meters. We climbed up and away and once we were at co-altitude, our fight began. During the 20-30 minute engagement we had with these two Hurricanes, there were many feints and a few good hits (all from Bear) and when all was said and done, we were closer to France than England and despite our anxiety at knowing our Stuka's were taking heavy losses, could not disengage. Then, in the blink of an eye and almost as if there was a silent agreement between us and them, our four man duel ended. The Hurricanes dove away and flew home and we maintained altitude and began heading back to England hoping to help any damaged friendlies make it back home alive to lick their wounds. Just off the coast, we received the call from Pitti to RTB. So we did; slowly. We wove through the skies, investigating contacts. It was simultaneously encouraging and disheartening to spot lone friendlies, not knowing what had happened to their comrades. Once back over friendly soil we entered a wide holding pattern over our home-base and stayed up until every last straggler was back on Terra firma. We then began our final landing approach realizing that despite everything we had been through, we were yet again fighting for our lives only this time we were battling our own unweildy aircraft as our gear deployed and our flaps came down. Two minutes later, Bear and I were on the ground with our canopies unbuttoned and our engines pinging as they cooled. We took a deep breath of fresh air and finally allowed ourselves to relax.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Maple » Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:30 pm

Name: Maple
Rank: Unteroffizier
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-3
Markings: White 8
Aerodrome: Marquise-Ost
Status: Drown
Victory Claims:
Time Place Aircraft Opponent Confirmed
~ South Manston Hurricane
Bear can confirm my kill.