Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Maple » Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:30 pm

Name: Maple
Rank: Unteroffizier
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-3
Markings: White 8
Aerodrome: Marquise-Ost
Status: Drown
Victory Claims:
Time Place Aircraft Opponent Confirmed
~ South Manston Hurricane
Bear can confirm my kill.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Casca » Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:18 am

Name: Casca
Rank: Schwarmführer
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-3
Markings: White 10
Aerodrome: Marquise-Ost
Status: RTB
Victory Claims: None

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Stig » Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:21 am

Mission Date: 12-8-1940

Name: Stig
Rank: Hptgefreiter
Unit: 5./Jg26
Aircraft: Bf 109E-4
Markings: Black 7
Aerodrome: Marquise ost
Status: A/C damage / Pilot wounded

Damaged a Spitfire off the coast at Ramsgate that was attacking the returning Stukas. Minutes later I was in turn hit by gunfire from an enemy aircraft and was wounded. My plane was not badly damaged though, so RTB and landed safely.

Victory Claims:

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Zalzam » Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:19 pm

Name: Zalzam
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf109 E4
Markings: Black 15
Aerodrome: Maqruise East
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Crashed and completely destroyed :oops:

The flight over the canal went smoothly. When we got near Manston at 5500m, suddenly stopped my engine. Grrr.
I was gliding home to the French coast where I krachade 1km from the field and survived the landing. (Puu, sweaty)

I have reported this to Gestpo, because I think this was sabotage on my airplane.
Yesterday when I was walking at our hangar, I heard a lot of screams behind the hangar and someone fired a shot.
Today I have a new techniques for my plane!? Humm
Hope the problem is fixed.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Atreides » Tue Jul 29, 2014 9:32 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940 1149-1312

Name: Atreides
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf-109 E4
Markings: Black 3
Aerodrome: Hydrequent (Marquise East)
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: OK

Victory Claims:
Damaged a Hurricane.

Our Staffel once more was out in force. We took off toward our rendezvous point with the Stuka's and had more liberties on how to escort them this time. What followed was an intense dogfight which IMHO was very enjoyable to both Luftwaffe and RAF, this because there was not a side that had a clear advantage over the other. Even though my Staffel suffered some losses we got to successfully prove we are a force to be reckoned with.

The 1st Schwarm of the 5th Staffel, Boyezee, Esri and me, got up as a group. We stayed over the airfield for some time providing cover to JG26 until all had taken off and headed to our rendesvous with the Stuka's. Heading out with the 6th Staffel in the lead, JG26 moved as a fist over the channel, not as an open hand. When we met the first enemies over the Isle of Thanet a furball ensued. We of the 1st Schwarm lost each other but incredibly managed to reform after all of us had gotten either kills or at least damaged enemies.
I was in a dogfight with a Hurricane and managed to damage him nicely from a difficult angle. He turned behind me however and I started to out-climb him, waiting for my chance to finish him. I lost contact for a moment, which was enough for him to successfully run away.
While reforming we got into a dogfight with a Spitfire. The Spitfire tried to lure us lower and lower. Just like we had done during this entire mission, having learned from past mistakes, we were a bit less reckless and didn't follow fleeing enemies all the way to our own doom.

Because of this, in the end of the 3 that took off, 3 landed while being able to hand out pain to the RAF. This called for a celebration. That evening in the local French bar, the Leather Goddess of Phobos, we spend most of JG26's reserves on having a good time. This might impede the maintenance on theE3's and E4's but well, next time we'll be flying E1's anyways.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Chumleigh » Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:25 am

Name: Chumleigh
Rank: Feldwebel
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-3
Markings: 14
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Pilot status: bullet wound in leg
aircraft status: a few holes in the fuselage and a flat tire

I already posted my report on Sunday. I don't know what became of it. :? This will have to be the truncated version because I don't recall the details. No kills to report. Returned safely with minor damage and a bullet in the right leg.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Krass » Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:20 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: Krass
Rank: Hauptgefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: BF-109 E4
Markings: Black 6
Aerodrome: Hydrequent
Status: Bailed out near French coast
Victory Claims:
-Manston baySpitfireSH-WYes - Bubi
Probable: 1 Hurricane - Mid Channel
Damaged: 1 Hurricane - Near Ramsgate

Witness: Confirmed Kill for Gefreiter Bubi (Hurricane) & Probable (Spitfire)

The men in black scurry around Hydrequent like busy ants, preparing the mighty Jagdgeschwader 26 for takeoff. 5 Staffel have been allocated the majestic and powerful 109 E4. Today, I am on the wing of Hauptgefeiter Lee, with the second rotte of Unteroffizier Flyby and Gefreiter Bubi. Schwarm 2 fire up our Daimler Benz engines as we prepare for the mission ahead. An escort for our brave bombers to soften up the ever stubborn tommies.

Our Schwarm roll down the airfield and take to the French air, and soon we are gaining steady altitude as we wait for the bombers to arrive at the rendevous point. At 4k, I look over my left wing and notice Flyby has vapour trailing from his aircraft. Within minutes, he needs to RTB and Bubi is given permission to escort him back. Unfortunately, Flyby's plane has serious damage and Bubi is called back to reform with the schwarm. A difficult task, but soon he is back with Lee and I as we rendevous with the bombers and set our heading for England.

Approaching the harbour area near Manston, the first contacts are spotted. Lee has eyes on a Hurricane that is sneaking around our left flank, but as he tightly banks around to engage, his plane goes into an uncontrolled spin and disapears from our view. Bubi and I were now in amongst the tommy fighters, and soon the whole sky seemed to fill with bullet and tracer. I watched as Gefreiter Bubi put good hits into a Spitfire from close range, the pilot struggling to control his stricken aircraft. I caught sight of another Spit slightly below me in a right bank and turned my 109 over and down onto him. Within seconds, the top of his plane filled my gunsight and I pressed the trigger sending a burst of cannon and MG into the tommy's engine. I watched as his propeller stopped and his plane dropped from the sky in a deadly spin. As his chute opened I felt myself breathe again.

Far below us, Lee had regained control but was in a deadly tangle with an enemy fighter, but after a brave fight, his radio becomes ominously silent. We know a combat zone is no place to dwell on our fortunes, and Bubi and I are still in the thick of it. I turn in behind Bubi to protect his six and we begin a dive upon 2 Hurricanes below us in the Manston bay area. Bubi puts the lead tommy into the sea with a swift burst. As we pull around and up I lose sight of my wingman, distracted by the sight of a Hurricane with a bead on me. We duck and dive together, losing height over Ramsgate until I turn the tide on him and give him my last cannon bursts. His buddy is not far from my six though, and I break hard left over the sea gaining speed and flying as low as I dare. I call for assistance from Bubi as I watch .303 rounds pepper the water around me. He spots me and gives the tommy enough of a scare to make him break off.

Running low on fuel, we gain altitude and make the call to head for home. But within minutes I spotted a lone Hurricane below us heading for England. With a mixture of combat fatigue and adrenalin, we decide to make one more attack. With Bubi covering, I drop onto the tommy from above and watch my rounds hit home. The Hurricane barely changes course and looks in big trouble. The kind of trouble we now find ourselves in as two more tommies swing in around us with one of them now on my six..

Bubi manages to shake the Hurricane from my tail and I extend up and around to find one has sneaked in behind him and is now putting a hole in his radiator. I dive down on him and get the tommy of his six with some long range deflection shots. But not before his friend has holed my own radiator. Now, as if both parties had mutually agreed on a truce, we parted ways and Black 10 and Black 6 headed for the French coast. We gain as much height as possible, but soon, and within touching distance of the French coast, both Messerschmitt's can give no more. Time to jetison the canopys and watch the silk unfold above us.

Strange, after the chaotic maelstrom of deadly combat, how the silence can be so deafening.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 21: 12th August

Post by Huff Duff » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:55 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: Huff Duff
Rank: Hauptgefreiter
Unit: 6./JG26
Aircraft: Bf109 E-1
Markings: Brown 5
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Status: RTB
Victory Claims: 1
1300ca.15-20km south of DoverHurricaneunknownby Maj. Pitti and Uffz. DaHeld
While Schwarm 1 was circling over Manston Bay to get into attack position on some Indianers, my Katschmarek
Gefr. Heritic got hits and his water cooler was damaged. He had to leave Schwarm 1 but made it back to France.
When the fights got more intense I lost visual contact to Rotte 1 lead by Maj. Pitti.
After some time I joined a Rotte of 109's. It was Ofw. Ape with his Katschmarek DaHeld. We flew serveral passes
on some fighters without too much success. Before heading back to France we spottted a single Hurricane below on the deck ca. 20km S of Dover.
Ofw. Ape lead the attack on the Brit but scored no damage. I came in second and damaged his water cooler and parts of the elevator came off.
I made a second pass on him and gave him a burst from under 100m while he was bracking. I hit him hard and his fuel tank caught fire. Looking back over my shoulder he was trailing thick
black smoke and his engine had died. Being only serveral hundret metres high he had no chance to bring his plane back without getting wet.
I claim this Hurricane destroyed. This was witnessed by Maj.Pitti and Uffz. DaHeld at 1300.