Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August Noon (IoW)

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by Javelina » Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:35 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: Javelina
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-4
Markings: White 13
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: drowned
Aircraft Status: I was the "5th Wheel" in the 2nd Schwarm of Casca, Scannon, Bear, and Hypoxia.

East of the Isle, engaged by a Spit. Took a hit in the Radiator, Casca cleared my six. Announced I was RTB. Made it to about 10km from the French coast, and then developed engine issues. Went into the Channel, status indicated the pilot drowned.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by DaHeld » Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:37 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: DaHeld
Rank: Uffz.
Unit: 6./JG 26
Aircraft: Bf 109E-3
Markings: Brown 12 + -
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: All is well
Aircraft Status: Undamaged

Victory Claims: Nil

Today we were supposed to escort some bombers to the Portsmouth area, but we failed to make contact. Almost when we wanted to turn back, we spotted some E/A east of the Isle of Whight. A short dogfight evolved, but due to us being low on fuel already, we decided to turn for home. All of us came home safely and we lost only one Aircraft destroyed and one damaged but we still managed to down some enemies.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by IronJockel » Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:48 pm

Name: IronJockel
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 6./JG 26
Aircraft: Bf 109E-3
Markings: Brown 6
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: Hit on the left big toe.
Aircraft Status: RTB

Victory Claims: Some hits on a Spitfire.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by Bear » Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:48 pm

Mission Date: 08-12-1940

Name: Bear
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 4 Staffel
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-4
Markings: White 2
Aerodrome: Theville
Status: Pilot - Toasted, Airplane - Perfect
Victory Claims: Landed hits but no claims.

Took off as number three in the 2nd schwarm of 4./JG26. The Gruppe missed the rendezvous with the bombers. Many engagements ensued between the IoW and Selsey Bill. Engaged and damaged a Spitfire attacking a 109 in a twisting and turning descent SW of Selsey Bill. Shot something off his plane and he disengaged. Hunted along the Southern and Eastern edges of the IoW. Given the order 'Havanna Havanna' and turned with Scannon for home. Nearing the Cherbourg peninsula, Casca and Hypoxia who were somewhere in our vicinity were attacked by a Hurricane that had flown all the way across the Kanal. Casca was subsequently rammed by the overeager Hurricane pilot and died in the collision. I covered Scannon and Hypoxia as they landed. I touched down shortly after and hit the bar...hard. War is Hell.

Full report to follow...

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by Keroth » Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:08 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: KerOth
Rank: Katschmarek
Unit: 5th
Aircraft: Bf-109 - E1
Markings: Black 18
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: KIA
Aircraft Status: Lost

Victory Claims:
I am afraid KerOth never made it back so I his brother will have to fill out the report with the information given by his swarm. After they took off i have been told he had a bit of problems keeping up with his swarm but he managed to stay with them. at some point the swarm was split up and he, Esri and Medigan tried to get back with Athreides and Boyezee, but on the way to them they ran into some combat wich made KerOth lose Esri and Medigan, but he managed to see a hurricane fall into the ocien that after some comunication Athreides confirmed shooting at. After the combat was over he tried to go back to the swarm he got jumped by 3 hurricane but luckely his swarm quikly helped him and got 2 off him. Unforunetly while trying to get away from the last hurri the swarm lost him and none nerver saw him again.

KerOth's brother now overtaking his plane and positioning as KerOth II.
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by Esri » Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:10 pm

Mission Date: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Name: Esri
Rank: Gereifter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf109 E1
Markings: Black 12
Aerodrome: Teville
Status: Light wound, airraft and pilot RTB
Victory Claims:
Late in missionOver SelseySpit???Joint kill with Boyzee and Atreides, Madigan can confirm
After start we proceeded to Isle of Wight in a toit formation. We got separated while checking returning bombers for enemies. Me and Keroth then proceeded to Selsey, where we engaged a massif dogfite. The Fite was hard full of British wusses, so i got out. Our schwarm reunited over Selsey, I got some hits from a pesty Brit, but luckilly my Teammate Boyzee saved my ars. We fought for a while, landing some nice hits. We then disengaged to regroup and go home, when madigan spotted single spit. We all took a swing at him and headed hoem. Maddigan could not let go and witnessed his fall, while we headed home reunited. The rest is history.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by Zalzam » Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:12 pm

Name: Zalzam
Rank: Obergefraiter
Unit: 5./JG 26
Aircraft: Bf 109E-1
Markings: Black 15
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: All is well
Aircraft Status: Undamaged

I was flying with:
Black 4 Lee leader
Black 10 Bubi
Black 8 Flyby
Black 6 Krass

The first mission I came back alive :D
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by Lee » Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:21 pm

Mission Date:12th August 1940

Name: Lee
Rank: Hauptgefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: bf-109 E1
Markings: Black -+4
Aerodrome: Theville
Status: Aircraft and pilot Successfully returned to base (along with all Schwarm members)
Victory Claims:
I was feeling edgy today ... After a long set of let's call it less the perfect missions .
I was sort of hoping that Bubi would agree to take lead this mission , so I can observe , and get some pointers for next week .
Since he was late I assumed command of the second schwarm and got Zalzam as a reward .
I have to say I was happy he joined .
As Bubi managed to join us in the last minute our Schwarm grew to 5 aircrafts .
After a shot pre flight I fired up my beloved E1 (AKA the best aircraft ever designed by man or beast ) and we took to the sky .
Knowing the E-1 and its shortcoming I constantly reminded our Scwarm members to keep a close eye on their revs and temperatures .
Just off the cost of the Isle of white our Stafflecapitan noticed some bombers in trouble and turned to investigate .
Our Schwarm was ordered to keep with the 6th who were taking high cover .
As 1st Schwarm broke away I have noticed the 6 are no longer in-sight .
With the help of my CO (Flyby ) I have set a course to the second point (somewhere between Portsmouth and the Isle of White ) .
I have heard the reports of the engagement from the 6 on the wireless , but none of us had eyes on any contact .
Suddenly Bubi informed us that there are contact closing on our far 6 .
Bubi and Flyby volunteered to investigate and I led Krauss and Zalzam along the south corner of the Isle of white .
At that point I have noticed that my fuel gauge was showing the RTB limit , I have asked Krauss and Zalam if any of them wishes to join Bubi and Flyby .
Krauss responded that he does , and Zalzam informed me that he was going to cover me on the way home .
At that time Our Stafflecapitan ordered all remaining pilots to RTB , It was then that I have heard that Krauss has a Spiity on his tail .
Krauss sustained minor hits and suffered a tiny flue leak and flesh wounds .
I have gone over the emergency procedures with him over the wireless , since he was far and I couldn't do anything else .
By that time me and Zalzam were closing on Theville , and we were coordinating our separation and turning on final .
I guess our separation was not as good as we believed , since we almost landed on top of each other .
As I cleared the runway , I have exited the aircraft and looked at the runway with anticipation .
Imaging my relief as I saw Krausss bird making its final , closely followed by Flyby and Bubi .
I have not been in any engagement today , and I must brush on my nav .
Especially of places I am less familiar with .
But considering my Schwarm members , their skill and spirit , there is no doubt in my mind that we would have been successfull in any encounter today .
5 aircrafts in my Schwarm , 5 E-1's took to the sky .
I am proud today that 5 E-1's landed in Theville , what more can a commander ask .
I consider that second to Godhood .
Krauss will be recommended for the Iron Cross , for his decision to find and help Flyby and Bubi , Getting and surviving an engagement with a Spitty , and making it all the way home to make a beautiful landing .
It was an Honor and a pleasure taking to the skies with the Schwarm of Brothers , I had confidence that they would have my back .
And the sure did .
Hauptgefreiter Lee.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by Scannon » Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:14 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: Scannon
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: Bf 109 E-4
Markings: White 16
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: Clean - returned to the flight line

Flew Schwarm 2 second position with Casca flight lead, Bear/Hypoxia as 3 - 4 and Javelina rounding out the flight as the stinger.
Uneventful trip across the channel, never saw the bombers but merged with a massive group of swirling aircraft between Selsey peninsula and Isle of Wight. Became separated from the flight in the mixture and couldn't regain visual on any member of the flight until finally vectoring to a called position formed with Bear. RTB was called, returned to base.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 22: 12th August

Post by Flyby » Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:26 pm

Mission Date: 12th August 1940

Name: Flyby
Rank: Untoffzr
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Me 109-E1
Markings:Black *
Aerodrome: Theville
Pilot Status: OK
Aircraft Status: OK

Victory Claims: 0
A long one today, but from a full fuel load, I still landed with near'y half of it remaining. Initially I flew as wingman for Krass, from take off, to just north-east of the Isle of Wight, I think. Bubi, in the last position had called contacts turning in behind and climbing below us. Lee gave the order for eyes on bogeys take the lead. I was closest to Bubi, so I turned to cover him. I forgot to get permission from Krass, in this and it was improper of me to leave without it. Turning with Bubi, the bogeys turned out to be friendly. Calls of many contacts came from the Gruppe leader. We had a moment of confusion while our staffel leader tried to sort out what to do. He issued instructions which caught
2-schwarm/5./staffel out due to anticipation of joining in an attack, but we were instructed to remain with the main fighter force. By then we'd become separated and lost visual contact with the main gruppe. We turned to port, towards the target area for the bombers, in hopes of regaining contact. Then ca,e a call from the staffel leader to come down and help out if we had the fuel. He gave his location, as we evaluated our fuel states. By then Krass was to drop down and join me and Bubi, but he was attacked by two Spitfires. Wounded and with a damaged plane, Krass exited the area, and headed southeast towards France. Meanwhile Bubi and rejoined together, and headed home, listening to Krass' status. Bubi wanted to turn back to try and locate then escort Krass back to base since he (Krass was visually impaired. The rest of 5 staffel and already landed when we picked up Krass already in the landing pattern. An Excellent piece of flying, and landing his wounded bird, Black 6. All in all, a quiet day for me. The only sign of the enemy I saw during this mission was flak.
Flyby out
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