Adlerangriff. Mission 25: 13th August (1. Portsmouth 1430)

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 25: 13th August (1. Portsmouth 143

Post by Stig » Wed Oct 01, 2014 11:37 am

Mission Date: 13.8.1940

Name: Stig
Rank: Hptgefreiter
Unit: 5./Jg26
Aircraft: Bf 109E-3
Markings: Black 7
Aerodrome: Theville
Status: Pilot ok, A/C no damage

Lead Schwarm 2 (Grey, KerOth) on a bomber escort to targets north of Southhampton. We flew with the bombers all way to the target unopposed, then turned back with them towards the Isle of Wight, as the second wave was coming over land. Grey reported bandits, and he engaged immediately. I spotted a couple of Hurricanes pulling up after their attack run, and pursued with KerOth. More 109's joined in and the usual who's who melee enfolded. Then Spitfires dropped down in front of me 1-2-3, seemingly having not seen us, only 500 m or so ahead, but with plenty of energy so I was not catching up fast. KerOth warned that I had a Spit on my tail, I split-s and the call comes quickly that he's off, but it's enough to lose sight of KerOth. Before I find him again he calls that he's been hit and damaged, but still flying. I tell him to head home.
I then see a Hurricane below me and I quickly get in to a position where I can fire on him. I get a fleeting glimpse of hits just behind the cockpit and back, and pieces flying off the tail section, as I pull up and gain altitude again. I can see the Hurricane is still flying, but I do not pursue him, I am seperated from my flight, rather a kill-marking less on my plane than risk being jumped by another enemy fighter(s).
Grey has been forced to abort, so I patrol over Southhampton seeking to join up with some other 109's. I see a couple contrailing above me, and I follow in a shallow climb. I spot a Spitfire lower than them and about 500 m above me. I shadow him but then another 109 appears, going almost head on with the Spit, he breaks and dives away. I go down after him, and I get a snap shot at him MG's only, but i don't think I hit. I pull up and roll over, aquiring him again, I dive down and he goes into a spin, the Tommy has lost most of his port wing and is bailing out. I guess he has manouvred to hard.
So I climb back up to 6000 m, and stay over Southhampton as ordered, also managing to join up with some 109's for a short while. Then running low on fuel I head back, and reach France without further incidence.
Landing at Theville, and just as I am about to exit the runway, I hear engine noise and look up to see the landing gear of a 109 passing over the my canopy. He must have seen me at the last moment, and just had time to abort his landing.

Victory Claims:

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 25: 13th August (1. Portsmouth 143

Post by Badger » Sat Oct 04, 2014 2:51 pm

Mission Date: 13-August-1940, 14:30hrs

Name: Badger
Rank: GeFreiter
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: BF 109E-1
Markings: White 20
Aerodrome: Theville
Status: RTB Theville

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 25: 13th August (1. Portsmouth 143

Post by StaryMruk » Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:11 pm

Mission Date: 13-08-1940 1445-1545

Name: StaryMruk
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf-109 E3
Markings: Black 19
Aerodrome: Theville
Status: ditch in the channel

While escorting wave of bombers as the very last 109 in the whole formation I was jumped by (probably) Hurricanes and hit in the radiator. I tried to make it back to France but I had to ditch in the cold waters of channel.
During the misson I was impressed by Wolf capability of keeping up in the formation with Lee, and I must say I really liked Lee and his orders as the schwarm leader.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 25: 13th August (1. Portsmouth 143

Post by Atreides » Sun Oct 05, 2014 2:05 pm

Mission Date: 13th august 1940 1444-1615

Name: Atreides
Rank: Oberleutnant
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf109 E3
Markings: Black 3
Aerodrome: Theville
Status: RTB.

Victory Claims:

We closely guarded the first wave of bombers to their target and after they had bombed it and turned back we crossed another wave of bombers still heading to their targets. Here small engagements with Hurricans and later Spitfires started to happen with mixed success. Being this far out my Schwarm was forced to RTB early because of running out of fuel. This is to be a big problem I fear. We should be able to get numerical superiority in this campaign, however our limited time over England could give the RAF an edge.