Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by Atreides » Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:04 pm

Mission Date: 15th august 1940 1058-1219

Name: Atreides
Rank: Leutnant
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: Bf109 E3
Markings: Black 3
Aerodrome: Hydrequent (Marquise East)
Status: RTB.

Victory Claims:
1142Over DealSpitfireSH-V (Vranac)Yes. Esri and Keroth saw his wing breaking off after I damaged it
-I confirm Esri shooting down a Spitfire (Fenris) on the deck over the Channel southwest of Manston (12:00), just after it had downed a 110.
-I confirm Boyezee shooting down another Spitfire (Luke) (because of disabling among others it's elevator) at the same place (12:00).

After hitting Dover we today would again be setting fire to the southern coast of Great Britain. Multiple airfields and radar-stations were now targeted. The RAF was straining under our continuous attacks. Keeping our focus on reducing their operational status to rubble was the only way to enable an invasion before winter would set in.

Again in 1st Schwarm of 5. Staffel, I would be flying with Keroth, Esri and our Staffelleader Boyezee. We had quite a good string of missions behind us as a Schwarm. Personally in the last 6 missions I'd flown I had managed to get my plane back, often with Boyezee, Esri and Keroth also standing next to me on the ramp on return. I hoped we could continue this. The RAF was bleeding but was not yet about to give up. We needed to do everything we could to retain our own combat strength in this war of attrition.

After an uneventful flight escorting the bombers to England, 5th Staffel escorting the groups going to Hawkinge and Lymphne specifically, we got a call from 6th Staffel just as the Stuka's were destroying Hawkinge that they were in a dogfight at Deal. 5th Staffel headed there and soon part of it was engaged with Spitfires over deal.

In an epic dogfight we whirled around high over Kent trying to get a good firing position. The enemy pilots knew what they were doing though and one almost got some good shots at my 109. I luckily looked around just in time as he was about to fire, pushed my plane firmly down, my head hurting from the negative g's. and made him miss. Close one.
Just afterwards I got a good angle at a Spitfire and fired my cannons, seeing hits over his fuselage and wing. Then Esri and Keroth called out that it's wing broke off while under strain in a turn/dive (great modelling btw), so I claim that one as destroyed. The pilot luckily managed to bail out just in time.

We found the skies void of enemy planes and were directed to Manston. Here Keroth and I managed to rejoin and tried finding more RAF-planes as we saw 6./ZG76 starting their ground attack on RAF Manston. After some time we rejoined with Boyezee over the Channel southwest of Manston as Esri, who was joining up, called in 110's being pursued by 2 Spitfires low on the deck back towards France. As we dove towards them the Spits unfortunately managed to destroy the last remaining 110 just before we got there.

Esri took swift vengeance and I saw him shot down one of those Spitfires. Boyezee got some great hits on the other Spitfire, effectively disabling him, and as Pitti and I merged on him the pilot bailed out.

Afterwards we headed home and landed in good order at our base, in time for Bratwurst und Bier. True, the Luftwaffe had taken some losses, but this was about civilization, Tea versus Beer. If we would stop this tradition we would all become barbarians. So in honor of fallen comrades, of all 4 of 1st Schwarm getting home with 3 confirmed kills and on a personal note of my 7th contiguous mission where I got myself and my plane back, we had a good stereotypical German evening 8-)

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by SnowWolf » Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:04 pm

Name: SnowWolf
Rank: Gefreiter
Unit: 6./ZG76
Aircraft: BF-110 C-4/N
Markings: Yellow H
Aerodrome: Calais
Status: Drowned off English coastline

Ended up getting incorrect information that Manston was clear as we went in to strafe did some back and forth with a wing man on a hurricane before my aircraft had, had enough and ditched

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by Goat » Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:03 am

Name: Martinjas
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: BF-109 E-1
Markings: White 11
Aerodrome: Marquise East
Status: Pilot - OK, Aircraft - Badly damaged, returned to base

After taking off and grouping up only three of us were left in the first schwarm; myself, Reinhart, and Orzel. We headed toward French point <-- CAP GRIS NEZ to meet our Stukas.

Over the English Channel, the Stukas we were to escort broke off from the main formation and headed West toward Rye. Scanning for contacts, we saw nothing but quiet skies until our Stukas were bombing their target. While our bombers began dropping their payload, they were attacked by Hurricanes and we dove down to assist. We got separated from each other while trying to avoid collisions and bullets.

After climbing back up to a safe altitude, I was able to meet back up with Orzel and we began scanning for more contacts and communicating with Reinhart to form back up. Reinhart was following a pair of Spitfires that I saw off in the distance when they spotted him and engaged him. I tried to make haste to come to his aid, but in my concentration on getting there I stopped paying attention to what else was going on around me. That's when I got hit. I heard nothing but a radio call from Reinhart notifying me that my wing was in flames. I looked over and it sure was... I realized that my radiator was also perforated and began climbing so that I could hopefully get enough altitude to make it home. Being able to get to 6,000 meters, I had to kill my engine about 10 kilometers south of Dungeness.

It was a very long glide, but somehow I managed to make it all the way back to Marquise without an engine. My landing gear was stuck... pumping the emergency gear release was futile, I had to put the bird on her belly. I went off to the side of the runway as to not impede other incoming traffic and was able to stall out one meter above the ground. Part of the right wing snapped off, but somehow the propeller remained intact.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by Reinhart » Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:43 am

Don't know how I made this a thread... it meant to be a reply... weird.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by Stig » Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:16 am

Mission Date: 15.8.1940

Name: Stig
Rank: HptGefreiter
Unit: 5./Jg26
Aircraft: Bf 109E-3
Markings: Black 7
Aerodrome: Marquise Ost
Status: MIA (drowned)

Hit by gunfire from unseen assaillant over Ramsgate, coolant leak. Ditched mid Channel.

Victory Claims:

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by Grey » Mon Oct 20, 2014 8:15 am

Mission Date: 08-28-40

Name: Grey
Rank: Lt
Unit: 6./ZG76
Aircraft: Bf-110
Markings: N
Aerodrome: Calais Marck
Status: +
Victory Claims:
-Manston3 parked Hurricanes-Yes

For centuries my family have been harassed by pesky British invaders, it all started in France around 1337 when king Eduard of England had sent an invasion force upon France to claim it’s throne.
In 1346 my ancestor was defeated by Welch and British bowmen at Crecy, his grandson knight Charles Grey (it was Grisé back then), shared the same faith at Agincourt in 1415. But by 1453 his grandson kicked them off the main land back to their island after the battle of Castillion. We thought it was over..

But it was far from over for the Grey’s, in 1805 another one in the line of the Grey’s, Captain Louis Grey, lost his ship in a decisive battle at Trafalgar. He was captured and later drowned trying to escape from a hulk ship on the river Thames in 1808. His son was a captain in Napoleon’s guard and in his turn was captured, but this time by the Prussians in 1815 at Waterloo and sent in captivity for 10 years in Prussia. After his release he was forced to join the Prussian army and this is how the Grey’s ended up in the German empire.
Dad wasn’t so lucky either in ’16 at the Somme, while he was firing a machinegun at the British infantry who walked out of their trenches, he was struck by shrapnel.
General Fritz Wilhelm von Below himself walked him to his grave.

Now I, Ulrich Grey, last in line to set things straight, will take care of those islanders in our magnificent 110’s once and for all!

Battle report

As I’m starting to look back from the last mission, I really believe the German high command had pinned their hopes on us. They even gave us our own separate airfield, so none of the incompetent 109 pilots could fly into us while taking off. When I was in the dispersal after parachuting in from the last time, as I had to leave my 110 with Hans still in it, I shared my thoughts with the men and they all agreed on this matter.
Everybody suddenly changed the subject and started a debate on daily matters, but I had to shut them up, cause this was going nowhere; Fellas, from now on we must do our utmost best to keep those bombers safe! But sir, Biggles had replied, do you know the guys from the 26th treat us like bomber pilots these days? They look at us like we’re born in a brothel! Shut up I’d said, I’ve seen the bunk you sleep in, so they have a point there.
But in any case I’ll have a chat, set things right so they’ll treat us like real fighter pilots again. All these young men’s eyes were now filled with nothing but respect, you could sense it and hear a mouse whisper in that room. Too bad dad fell at the Somme, he would’ve been so proud!

By now it was time to meet my new gunner that listens to the name of Otto, this guy spoke with 2 words only; yes sir, no sir. This is going to be a long ride over the channel I said, why sir? Was his reply…. I sure hope he shoots better than he talks!

After the briefing I gave in front of our aircraft, I couldn’t help reading the worried faces of those men I share my sorrow with, we were all used to fly the 109’s before the conversion, so I had to lift everyone’s moral up with pep-talk, they all felt better and confident with these words. There was only one cocky pilot who just stood there, who didn’t show any emotion at all and was smoking a cigarette. I even caught him watching the birds while I was going through the Standard Operation Procedures, I think the British will soon know this young fighter pilots name very well; Wolf!

It was time; Pilots! To your engines, start up, roll out, and let’s show them our way of playing music, I’d yelled while everyone was on their way to his 110. The only answer I got was: great sir! From Otto, my new rear gunner…

As soon as I was ready to start up my engine, Major Heinz Nacke, the new appointed Gruppenkommandeure for II.ZG76 stopped his kubelwagen right in front my aircraft so I couldn’t go anywhere. what’s the matter sir, I asked, well he said, change of plans you need to strafe Manston, Goering has ordered this so I’ll go through this with you.

After the plans were out on the table I had to bring this crashing news to the lads… Sir, Archie interrupted me, strafing? That’s technically the same as bombing isn’t it?!! Are we’re becoming a bombergruppe now, for what? We don’t have air superiority yet, so it’s no use. Listen I said, there’s 2 things I won’t tolerated in this unit, defeatism and jazz music, so go to your crates and do this!
Once we took off, the usual rather busy Luftwaffe chatter there always is over the R/T went quiet… What was I or anyone else to say…

The rendezvous with the guys from erp. gruppe 210 didn’t go according to plan, I didn’t knew where they were. I’d made the decision of having a look at JG26’s air base.
Wolf took lead but he couldn’t find the place. I told him to look for the black smoke markers they usually have on each side of the runway and yes there it was!
Some were still in the process off going through the SOP’s, so we turned back for refueling.

As we warmed up our engines for the second time, some pilots were next to the 110's talking, the Gruppenkommandeure of JG26 came in our radio channel asking where the hell we were, he was looking for us in the Manston area. Huh.. Almost there sir! C'mon lads, jump back in your kites and take off.

With a flawless take off and tremendous speed and we finally met over our rally point.
In the corner off my eye I’d spotted a 109 being chased by a Hurricane. Pauke pauke! get him off that 109! Wolf was the first one who got shots on him. The bundle of firepower was too much for the canvas crate and it plummeted towards mother earth before any of us had a chance of taking an aim at this Englander. Abschuss!

By now we got the all clear over the R/T from the 109’s, the area was secure they said, so it was time to carry out our mission, strafe Manston.
I was the first one at the airfield. Rakarakatak , 2 hurries went up in flames, a third one who just got back from his sortie and was just standing in the middle of that golf course was the next victim, Rakarakatak, this sitting duck was hit by deadly precision and put out of action!

But our good luck was running out, both the Wolf brothers and Archie were picked up by Hurries, Zalzam and I got separated, too low on altitude to help out.
As soon we passed Ramsgate, a Spitfire squad was on our heels. This was a death trap we were in now, but I wasn’t going to sell my hide cheap!
Zalzam got hit and was put out of action.
Otto in the back reported: Flugzeugfuhrer, Piraten! Damn you man, suppressive Fire! I replied.
As I saw the Spit coming in with tremendous energy in a certain angle, I’d made a quick calculation on how to get him in my sights.
With a couple of jerks on the stick, I went in a cork screw maneuver while going up and down for the search of energy and it worked; hits on him! Hooray!! But it wasn’t any lethal so I knew my last minutes were counting down.
So I’d started an other cork screw 109 style maneuver and got more hits on him, but my energy was draining out fast. Stall! No! At this altitude it could be deadly. Otto!! Bail o………..

These comforting words were sent home
Dear Nina Grey, your husband fell today at Ramsgate. His last words were: for the fuhrer and for fatherland!

Major Heinz Nacke
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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by Lee » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:40 am

Mission Date: 15-08-1940 1120-1210

Name: Lee
Rank: Hauptgefreiter
Unit: 5./JG26
Aircraft: bf-109 E3
Markings: Black -+4
Aerodrome: Hydrequent
Status: RTB - Pilot and plane OK (Plane needs fuel system repair and a lift back home from Calais-Mark)
Victory Claims:
After 3 days of high high fever I was finally well enough to resume my duty in the air .
Since I could hardly speak , I requested and was assigned to Krauss's wing .
Bubi was late , since he had some stuff he had to do with the man upstairs , but managed to catch up to us as we lined up on the runway .
Takeoff was as wonderful as we have all come to expect from this amazing Schwarm , and we took to the skies , under Flybys leadership .
I was moderately happier with my ability as a Katchmarek this time , keeping formation throughout the flight , Keeping close contact with Her Rottenführer Krauss .
As the engagement began , just over Manston , Krauss was doing everything right .
I did not just follow him , keeping him insight all times , I also managed to follow his strikes , adding a few rounds each attack .
Suddenly in the heat of the battle Krauss neglected to voice out his intentions , living me guessing ...
Well , I guessed wrong .
I managed to follow his attack but because of a sharp turn in Tommie infested skies , I lost a lot of energy .
At this point there was already a Hurri on my six .
Luckily for me , Krauss had me insight all times , and when he saw I was lost made a pass over me to get me to follow , clearing my 6 in the way .
Since I was just over Vs , I needed to go wings level and acquire more speed .
I should have asked Krauss to extend away level so I can reacquire energy but fearing it would hinder his effective attacks , I did not do so .
A mistake which would prove catastrophic .
Krauss began a sharp climbing turn and I stupidly attempted to follow , a manuver which sent me to the deck spin-stalling like a b'each .
I was , embarrassed , alone and only 2 k high .
I tried to climb to join my Schwarm , but by then I was sixed by another Hurri .
I open full throttle and nosed down to the deck slightly changing bank every couple of seconds (Thanks again for this tutorial Ape ).
I have noticed I have a tiny leak , I was drawing away from my brothers followed closely by a Hurri .
Too low to bail , and still over enemy territory , I really did not want to get caught , I thought it is it for me .
At that point for no apparent reason the Hurri broke away , I do not know who it was that performed this novel act of shivery .
I can just thank you and tell you that my Schwarm extends the same courtesy , sparing a bird returning home that poses no more threat .
I have asked Her Schwarmführer permission to RTB .
Flyby approved but was never heard from again .
I headed back to France low on the deck , keeping a close look at the fuel gauge on a flight that seemed to take forever .
I finally decided to make my final on the first airfield I will see .
It was Calais-Mark .
I overshot the beginning of the runway , but managed to stop before hitting anything .
As I left the aircraft I could see fuel pouring out of it .
I informed the local surprised ground crew of my situation , and went looking for CnC to report my return .
This mission we lost Flyby to Flack , and Bubi to technical problems .
I was happy to hear that Her Rottenführer Krauss returned safely home .
I guess after 3 days of sick leave , I acquired a large amount of rust .

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by Zalzam » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:41 am

Mission Date: 08-28-40

Name: Zalzam
Rank: Hauptgefreiter
Unit: 6./ZG76
Aircraft: Bf-110
Markings: F
Aerodrome: Calais Marck
The aircraft is located deep in the English Channel.
The pilot is in the same place.
I condemn you forever Luke, you shot me down :D :twisted:

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by Hypoxia » Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:27 pm

Mission Date: 10/19/2014
Name: Hypoxia
Rank: Rottenfuhrer
Unit: 4./JG26
Aircraft: BF109-E1
Markings: White 12
Aerodrome: Marquise
Pilot Status: Ditched in the Channel killed
Aircraft Status: Lost
Victory Claims: 0
Time Place Aircraft Opponent Confirmed
- - - - -

Took off from Hydrequent . Flying Schwarm 2 Lead with Javelina and Swiss. Navigation went OK and we met the bombers over Boulogne and followed to England. Escorted left group going to Rye. Got engaged early when we saw Hurricanes hitting bombers. Got some good hits on a couple of Hurricanes and then had to dive away toward England with an enemy fighter on my tail. Took a hit in my radiator and limped as far across the channel as I could before engine seizure. Ditched but the result on the screen said I was a goner.

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Re: Adlerangriff. Mission 28: 15th August

Post by Wolf » Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:22 pm

Name: Wolf
Rank: Obergefreiter
Unit: 6./ZG76
Aircraft: BF-110 C-4/N
Markings: Yellow B
Aerodrome: Calais
Status: Rescued and returned to base

There was a lot of confusion at the mission start which i think threw a lot of us out. Once we were airborne we started off good and set out a heading over to the target. i spotted a 109 on the deck with a greedy hurricane in tow, so me and archie dispatched down and went after him, i took my time and nailed him with the cannons, and it was a confirmed kill,as i say all was going well till we made the wrong choice of making a strafing run on mansten. We zoomed through destroying many ground targets but we caught the attention of the dreaded RAF. We picked them up on our sixs we all knew we were doomed it was a case of making it as hard as possible. Me and snowwolf covered each-other with snow getting some hits on a hurri and even i managed to gets hits on ospreys right wing while hes was in a high g turn if i used cannons i reckon that would of ripped his wing off. unfortunately osprey hit me and i lost both engines so i had to bail. I was then rescued by a uboat who saw me go in and got a lift to calais, stopped at the pub for the night then the next day just after lunch i retured to the base and said "Im going to need a new one"

Claims:1 Destroyed Hurricane ,Witnessed by Archie and Grey
Pilot:OK after the beer
A/C:Lost at sea north of Mansten