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These MP guidelines are the starting points I will be using. As I gain more online experience, I will update these.

UPLAY is the MP game service, and then from there SH5 is launched from Steam. Share your UPlay username to friend other players. THis may or maynot be the same as the Steam player and ACG pilot names.

NOTE: there is a LAN MP mode, so people can use a VPN or HAMACHI secure LAN VPN software and thus avoid UPLAY. ... 05260.html

Network Settings (Host/Player):


Port# Protocol
80 Both (TCP + UDP)
3074 Both
3075-3174 UDP
19000-19002 Both

If after opening these ports you still have problems try disabling UPnP and/or your DMZ.

Things to be aware of during game:

-If host/player hits SHIFT-F11, this will bring up a new program screen on your desktop for sequence capture mode and crash the game and/or server. This key is often hit when taking screen shots, screen shot is CTRL F11 and currently cannot be mapped else where.
-If host/player hits windows start during play, this will crash the game and or/server.
-If host/player ALT-TABS out or CTRL-ALT-DEL, the game will crash and/or server.
-If player does not have custom map, player will disconnect while loading the game.
-Be aware of the multiplayer window, if you binded your key to show the MP score, be aware that if you bring up that screen and hit escape you will quit the game, host or player.

Advanced Hosting Tips:

1) The Host "should/must" disable windows key, if you're the host or other player for that matter , accidentally hitting the windows key, or alt-tabbing out of the game will end or crash the mission. It will not continue if host hits start button or alt-tabs. Here is a link to disable the key, and yes you will have to enter this in manually. The copy and paste feature in the default reg-editor does not work. Use notepad and count out the letters and numbers there. Do it if your the host! No matter how good your hand-eye coordination is! (applies to all windows os, incl vista)

2) Host should run a dual or quad core set up with at least 2 gigs (should be 4gigs). It's not the ability for the PC to run the game that counts, it's the ability of the PC to run stable while running the game, especially if you're the host.

3) Host should have a stable and fast connection 10-30mb (pretty obvious but hey, should be mentioned).

I think a lot of crashes in game are because of the above mentioned problems which are hard to notice, and with the windows key probably too embarrassing to admit

Gameplay Settings (Host/Player/Community)

If your the type of Captain that enjoys a challenge but your mate in Vietnam likes to play on easy with his elite point and click accuracy, don't worry because there is a way for you to play using your own preferred settings.

Now some would say that this is a kind of cheat and that it beats the purpose of the normal multiplayer game settings and anyone can play on any setting during any game. Yes that part is true. But in my experience, and for me personally I like challenge and so do others. I like getting a MP game going but I hate people crying about playing on hard or very hard. Now I personally could care less how you play how many ships you sink and what setting you play on. I like a challenge so this is how I set up my game settings:

First go to this folder C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\data\Cfg

and find the GameplaySettings.cfg

Inside this cfg you will find the settings for "normal". I use normal because most people online are happy with this setting.

My normal game settings are as such:

"Train as you fight, fight as you train"

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