COOP mission for DCS: Normandy

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Re: COOP mission for DCS: Normandy

Post by Redeye » Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:17 pm

WIP. I had some issues with the bombers keeping assigned altitudes and some other minor timings stuff. But I have set up some random Luftwaffe and RAF patrols, set up a convoy in the Channel, populated a couple of airfields etc.

There might be a really simple first draft out this week, but I'me running the gauntlet at work so its not easy to predict. Just keep the expectations down low where they belong:) It will just be a very simple COOP template. (Can be edited for PVP, but that is not the inital plan)

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Re: COOP mission for DCS: Normandy

Post by Nitrous » Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:40 pm

okay dude.

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