Question for OLD "Jane's US Navy Fighters"

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Question for OLD "Jane's US Navy Fighters"

Post by Redeye » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:14 pm

Hey all!

In time, I would like to try and make a campaign based on my first simulator love; Electronic Arts US Navy Fighters. Making the campaign for the upcoming F/A-18 and switching the original Ukraine for Georgia should do the trick.

However, in order to make it, I need access to the old games briefing files. I could always get the game and play though it, writing things down along the way- but that would take some serious time. Also, I cannot click "next" mission, because if you fail some 4-5 missions, the campaign ends.

I do not own the game at the moment, but I think it is available as abandonware, so I will look into it.

If any of you DO have it: are the mission briefing stored somewhere in txt format, so it can be copied into DCS? As the game is old, its file structure might be relatively open.

Any thoughts?

And: No need to come back asking for release dates obviously. This will be a LONG time project dependant on the F/A-18 module which is still ways off. If and when I do make, I'll glady share it in the forums

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