Changes coming - Bullet dispersion

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Changes coming - Bullet dispersion

Post by Talisman » Sat Sep 11, 2021 12:12 pm

Hi Folks,

Looks like bullet dispersion changes are coming in the next update of the sim as per topic link below: ... /#comments

Project manager

Posted Tuesday at 06:38 AM

.50, .30, .303, 37mm M4 and 20mm Hispanos dispersion will be corrected in next update according to the updated set of sources.

Trouble was that before (in 2015) we have had no notes that 8ft at 2000ft is not 100% hit circle but 75% hit circle. Also we have had no any dispersion info for other guns from this list. Now we have - with your assist - thank you for that.

Also, having some new dispersion info for M4 37mm which is pretty close to soviet 37mm guns dispersion historical data - we can do a better suggestion for 40mm Vickers class S dispersion.
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