IL-2 Cliffs of Dover - Public Server

The server features 5 hour battles containing multiple dynamic missions with their own objectives which will be different each time you fly. To determine the battle winner there are points scored for striking objectives with weight of bombs, ships sunk and aircraft downed and this is announced at battle end.

How to connect

Start your game and enter the Multiplayer menu, then select 'Client' to bring up the server lists and look for the ACG Public Server. To join simply double click on the name or select and press 'Join Server', no password is required.

Direct Connect (IP:Port):

Note: Team Fusion Mod 4.312 is required to join the server!

Mission philosophy

Air Combat Group strive to re-create a Battle of Britain experience. We use squadrons placed at historical and strategic locations with AI and objectives geared to the real targets of the Summer of 1940. Extensive briefings (r-click the map in game) are available detailing your objectives and you may choose to be guided on your mission by our exclusive Fighter Command / Luftflotte systems which provides interception and rendezvous information.

Want to fly a bomber? No problem! All targets for the AI bombers are also valid targets for human pilots to score some points as long as the task is listed in the briefing.


You want to know where all the action is currently happening on the server?
You always dreamed of being a ground controller?

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