The Squadrons of ACG

The Group is consists of 15 in total, allied and axis squadrons. These squadrons are based off the ACG squadrons used during the Group’s first Campaigns in Cliffs of Dover, so their names reflect that fact. Depending on the Campaign these squadrons may differ depending on the squadrons that would need to be in the area of operations at the time the Campaign is taking place. For example, if ACG is running an Operation Typhoon Campaign, re-enacting the German advance towards Moscow and the subsequent Soviet counter-offensive in the winter of 1941-1942, then the squadrons used in that campaign, have to actually be the squadrons that would have been in that area at the time.

As a example, this is a chart of all ACG Squadrons, with their code names and the Campaign Squadrons they represent during the Operation Typhoon Campaign:

ACG is predominantly English speaking, but we do have two German speaking squadrons (8th and 6th) who have always flown for the Luftwaffe. Their campaign communication is done solely in German. ACG pilots fly on other servers as well, as part of their respective squadrons. The squadrons within the group are historically based and are selected for their historical presence in the area of operations re-enacted.

Each Luftwaffe Staffel consists of up to 16 pilots. Each Staffel is normally divided in up to 4 Schwarms, which consist of 4 aircraft each. The Schwarms are either lead by the Staffelkapitän or a Schwarmführer. The Schwarms are divided into two Rotten. Rotte one consists of either the Staffelkapitän or a Schwarmführer and one Katschmarek. Rotte two consists of a Rottenführer plus one Katschmarek.

Each RAF squadron consists ideally of 12 pilots. The squadrons are divided into two flights, A and B. Flight A is normally lead by the squadron commander and flight B by a Flight Commander. The flights are divided into two sections, A flight into red section and yellow section, B flight into blue section and green section. The sections consist of three pilots. The commanding officer, depending on the section either the squadron-, flight- or section commander, and two pilots on position 2 and 3.

Each VVS Eskadriliya in ACG consists of up to 15 pilots. VVS squadrons have more of a freedom as to how they want to fly, but mainly consist of 5 vics of three aircraft. These consist of the lead vic, containing the squadron leader and his two wingmen, and two flights of 6 aircraft.

The Staffelkapitäne and squadron commanders are assisted by an adjutant. The Staffelkapitän/squadron commander will lead the Staffel/squadrons during combat and take decisions on roster and aircraft assignments. He is as well in charge of recommending members for promotions/demotions and the awarding of medals. The adjutant’s main task is to check and approve reports and claims, as well as to assist the Staffelkapitän/squadron commander with all organizational matters (roster assignments, attendance, etc.).